On The Course

5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid on the Golf Course

When it comes to golf, we all know there are plenty of rules to learn and those rules aren’t all about the game itself.

            When it comes to golf, we all know there are plenty of rules to learn and those rules aren’t all about the game itself. Here at Short Par 4, we’re dedicated to making sure you are looking your best so you can play your best.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to picking out your outfit before you head out to the course. We’re going to break them all down to help you worry less about how you look so you can focus more on winning your match. Below are the top five fashion mistakes to avoid on the golf course.

#1. Combining Patterns:

Not only in golf but in fashion in general, combining different patterns is never a good idea. With modern golf fashion, we have seen a resurgence of patterned shirts, shorts, and pants which can help you stand out in a good way if you wear it correctly.

When wearing patterns, stick to one patterned piece and plain/matching colors for the rest of the outfit to guarantee that you aren’t overdoing it. For example, if you choose a red shirt with a diagonal stripe pattern, black pants, belt, hat, and shoes would be a perfect addition.

#2. Mismatched Shoes and Belt:

Another rule that is common in fashion that especially applies to the golf course is matching your shoes with your belt for a properly put together outfit. If you’re wearing an outfit that includes blue tones, it would be best to wear a brown or matching blue belt and shoes while avoiding black.

Matching your shoes and your belt does not always mean that they need to be the exact same color, especially with the relaxed modern golf fashion rules. For example, if you choose a navy belt, white shoes are a suitable choice but you should avoid wearing two different shades of the same color. 

#3. Shorts and Long Socks:

This one is short and to the point. Wearing long socks of any kind with shorts on the golf course is never a good look. It’s always best to find some low cut socks anytime you’re wearing shorts and leave the long socks for those colder rounds when you’re wearing pants, or for the basketball court.

If you have shoes that are uncomfortable to wear with no-show socks, mid height is a great option. If you choose socks that you will be able to see over your shoes, make sure you choose the right color. Black socks with black or dark shoes and white socks for all white and colored options.

#4. Too Much Neon:

Every group has at least one guy that likes to wear bright colors and stand out on the course. This can be a fun choice and can spice up your golf wardrobe as long as you don’t end up looking like a highlighter.

Neon has come and gone over the years but it seems to be making a comeback in recent times. If you choose a neon shirt or maybe even pants if you’re really feeling wild, always pair it with a muted color like black or white to keep from looking like Rickie Fowler in his prime.

#5. A stale golf wardrobe:

Finally and maybe most importantly, avoid a stale golf wardrobe if you really want to stay fresh on the course. If you don’t play golf often, having a couple golf outfits might be just fine for you, but for the avid golfer, it can be frustrating to wear the same old handful of boring outfits, week in and week out.

With a Short Par 4 membership, our style caddies will ask you a few questions like your sizes and style preferences to tailor a package of fresh apparel and gear for you every month. You can expect shorts, polos, pants, pullovers, golf hoodies, and much more. The gear you receive each month can be worn on and off the course and you’re guaranteed to always have something new to show off.