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Ambassador Highlight: The Buttsy

We sat down with The Buttsy to get to know the man behind everyone’s favorite bomb-hitting, gun-toting, fun-loving, plus-size model, and amateur professional golfer. 

After recently surpassing the one-year anniversary of The Buttsy becoming a Short Par 4 ambassador, we decided to take a moment to introduce you further to the man behind the name. The Buttsy has gained a mass following on Instagram over the past several years as everyone’s favorite bomb-hitting, gun-toting, fun-loving, plus-size model, and amateur professional golfer. 

The Buttsy made his Instagram debut five years ago at Papago Golf Club in Phoenix Arizona on Kyle Maze’s popular account, Cart Barn Guys. The duo combined to create the now famous, “Lessons with The Buttsy” where we all learned to look at the game from a brand new perspective. Over the past half-decade, he has managed to grab the attention of nearly 70k golfers with his unique humor, on-course antics, and above-average tips for the average golfer. 

I recently had the chance to sit down with the man himself for a Q/A to find out more about his career on and off the course, what a day in his life consists of, what it would take for him to take down Pat Perez, and more! Here’s what we learned:

Layne: Do you think you’ll ever pursue Buttsy full time?

Buttsy: I’m definitely open to it. I do have a fairly successful professional career that I’ve been in for a long time but things have been ramping up so I think there’s definitely an opportunity for it.

L: What has been the most rewarding aspect of creating a brand around yourself in the golf space?

B: The travel has been great but hands down the people. The friends I’ve made, the people I’ve met, and the interactions with golfers in person and online definitely have meant the most to me. 

L: If you were making dinner for a first date, what are you making?

B: Anyone who follows me knows, we’re cooking steak. (With The Buttsy Truffle Sauce)

L: What is the most money you’ve made on the course and what is the story behind that?

B: $2,000. I was playing with Bob Menery at Talking Stick Golf Club in Arizona and I pulled the shit out of a shot on a par five, onto another tee box. I had a downslope lie, short side of the green, with 30 yeards left. Bob gave me 100-1 odds on a $20 and I took it. I hit a flop shot to 20 feet beyond the hole and I drained the putt. He paid me cash on the spot!

L: Hoodies on the course, Yes or No?

B: You know what, I don’t give a shit what you wear on the golf course as long as you aren’t playing slow. 

L: What is a typical day in your life? 

I start by eating too much, then I head to the gym for a morning workout before work. I then drive around and sell drugs legally for a living. After work you can find me on the gun range or fishing. 

L: What would it take for you to beat Pat Perez?

B: Pat would need to have some sort of severe bodily injury and/or about finished with a bottle of tequila for that to be possible. I don’t know if you know this but he’s been on the PGA Tour for about 30 years and he’s really f*cking good. 

L: Speaking of Pat Perez, I saw that you were along with him when he played the Foreplay Podcast boys in a scramble match where he lost with a devastating lip out. Could you beat the Foreplay boys in a scramble?

B: Absolutely. I would love the opportunity. 

The Buttsy Box:

Back by popular demand, we are excited to announce the release of the second  Buttsy Box which according to him is; “Limited and filled with a shitload of stuff I like.” This edition is fully loaded with all of his favorite gear and more. With the purchase of a Buttsy Box, you’re guaranteed to receive over $290 in value for the surprisingly low price of $109.95. 

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