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The 2021 Buttsy Open

We all know how weekends are when in paradise! The Buttsy Open presented by Short Par 4 was just that.

The 2021 Buttsy Open

We all know how weekends are when in paradise! The Buttsy Open presented by Short Par 4 was just that.  Three days of golf, beer, and meeting new friends, left all of us with an itch to go back and do it all over again as soon as possible! As Buttsy would say… HAW! 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Who is Buttsy, you ask? Buttsy may not be the most common name you’ve heard, but he’s well known amongst the golf and comedy community. You might recognize him from his alter-ego, “Golf Shop Dan.” The Buttsy is an amateur professional golfer, semi-pro comedian, plus-size model/influencer, and the life of every party. Believe it or not, he’s also known to drink more Whiteclaws than anyone on the West Coast. 

On the weekend of August 20, we teamed up with Buttsy to present a tournament in the beautiful Marana, Arizona. Golfers drove from as far away as South Carolina to attend this event! The Buttsy Open was the perfect combination of golf, socializing, and beautiful Arizona scenery. The tournament was held at one of the most top-notch facilities in Arizona, the Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain. The terrain in this part of the state has dramatic elevation changes and large rocks scattered throughout the golf course. It was rugged, challenging, and of course, it made for a memorable experience! The greens were in pristine condition, as always, and played like a dream.

The Buttsy Open officially kicked off with a shotgun start at 1pm on Friday afternoon. Buttsy gifted all the golfers with their own Short Par 4 Buttsy Boxes. These boxes were filled with items handpicked by Buttsy himself, including a 1764 polo, Deveroux shorts, a Buttsy golf towel, Buttsy’s famous truffle sauce, and of course a Short Par 4 glove and hat. We had a full field of golfers in their Short Par 4 gear who were absolutely pumped to play in the tournament!

Throughout the tournament, golfers participated in friendly challenges on the course. They even had the opportunity to win prizes for longest drive and closest to the pin. Everyone had a great time challenging each other on the course and showing off their skills! After each round, golfers stayed at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Resort. Buttsy hosted a pig roast on Friday night, as well as a pool party on Saturday night. Appearances were made by Taylor Cusack, Jesus of Golf, Matt Cardis, and more influencers in the golf world. This tournament was the perfect opportunity to socialize and create memories!

Let me tell you, the Buttsy Open was anything but average. That being said, everyone is already talking about the next one! Big shout out to everyone who attended. We hope you all love your Buttsy Boxes!

To see some highlights from the event, view the video below. To stay up to date on all things Short Par 4, follow us on any of your favorite platforms.