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New Releases from Short Par 4: Summer 2022

Introducing our favorite releases from the summer of 2022. The Premium Links Golf Bag, the TR2 Rangefinder, and the Blast-X Speaker!

Throughout the summer of 2022, we were thrilled to introduce some of our all-time favorite products and we have been looking forward to sharing them with the SP4 Family! Our goal isn’t just to keep you looking fresh, we also strive to make sure you can find anything you need out on the course on our Vault Store for a better price than the other guys, and this summer we took it to the next level. We want to take a quick moment to introduce you to our Premium Links Golf Bag, the TR2 Rangefinder, and the Blast-X Speaker

#1 Premium Links Golf Bag

Our new Premium Links Golf Bag is designed to be your new go-to for comfort, convenience, and reliability. Whether you prefer walking or riding, this bag is the perfect fit for all of your on-course needs. Weighing in at only 5.8 pounds with a height of 33.75in, the Premium Links Golf Bag is easy to carry and will fit in any motor or push cart. 

This bag has a four-way design for convenient golf club organization and five pockets for all of the gear you use during your round and more. Additionally, you can conveniently stay hydrated throughout the day with an insulated water bottle pocket. The single strap design of this bag ensures an enjoyable, tangle-free experience throughout the round for players who prefer carrying their clubs. 

The Premium Links Golf Bag comes with a snap-on rain hood and an umbrella holder so you can be confident that your clubs and gear will stay dry during those rainy rounds. Additionally, the water-resistant materials of the bag in combination with the sealed zippers will keep all of your valuables safe and dry. 

For the first time, we are also offering personalization for this new golf bag model so you can have the embroidery of your choice added to the ball pocket of your bag. The Premium Links Golf Bag is available in two colors, Grey and Black. For the unbeatable low price of $169.95, this golf bag is the perfect addition to your game!

#2 TR2 Rangefinder

Our new TR2 Rangefinder features all of the premium features that you expect from a rangefinder at a lower than premium price of $119.95. Our most advanced combination of size, speed, and precision guarantees you the proper yardage from anywhere up to 550 yards away from the pin. 

The new TR2 features flagstick vibration technology to give you the confidence of the proper yardage. Additionally, Slope technology can be turned On/Off to remain USGA and R&A legal during tournaments and as accurate as possible outside of tournament play. Adding to the convenience, the TR2 features a magnetic cart mount so your range finder is always within reach.

Other features include the ability to change between yards/meters and 6.5x magnification. The TR2 is powered by a rechargeable USB-C cord and will be fully charged within two hours. Finally, it’s packaged neatly in our premium carrying case which will protect your rangefinder while also being convenient to grab quickly. 

#3 The Blast-X Speaker

Our brand new Blast-X Speaker has quickly become a favorite of our members because of its golf-specific features that make your rounds more enjoyable. This Bluetooth speaker has a range of up to 100 feet and a playtime of over 18 hours which allows you to enjoy your tunes for several rounds on one charge. 

With the strongest magnetic mount in the game, you can be confident that your speaker will remain in place on the cart during the bumpiest rounds. The Blast-X speaker is waterproof and drop resistant which keeps it safe in all conditions. The powerful bass and two-speaker pairing capability will keep the party going off the course. This speaker is charged with a Type C charging cable which reaches a full charge within several hours. 

If you’re looking for the most versatile golf speaker available at a low price, look no further than the Blast-X for only $89.95. Including all of the top features you expect and more, you and your golf buddies are guaranteed to love this speaker on and off the course. 

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