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The Players Golf Glove and Glove Club Membership

Become a Glove Club Member and receive our Players Glove each month so you never have to wear a crusty old glove again!

Are you tired of digging into your bag before each round and pulling out a crusty old glove? Not only do these old gloves feel uncomfortable, they don’t provide their simple purpose of an improved grip. If you have a collection of these sitting in your bag, it’s time to throw them out and improve your look and feel out on the course with our Players Glove

Our Players Gloves have been one of our most popular accessories over the past several years because of the high-quality Cabretta leather that we use which offers a buttery smooth feel throughout the life of the glove. With our Players Glove, you’re guaranteed to improve your feel and confidence on every shot. 

Not only are our Players Gloves the most comfortable gloves in the game, but the classic white model will also have you looking and feeling fresh. For the player who likes to bring some flair to their game, we offer the Players Gloves in navy, red, orange, light blue, and grey. With these color options, you can instantly take any golf outfit to the next level. 

If you’re here, you likely already know that we have the best golf subscription packages on the market for men and women but did you know that we also offer the best golf glove subscription in the game? 

Our Glove Club is the first subscription service of its kind where you sign up to have between 1-3 high-quality Players Gloves delivered to your door every 1-3 months. You choose whether you’d like to receive the classic white each delivery or you can choose to receive a variety of all of our color options. With the Glove Club, you’ll never have to wear an old crusty glove again. 

Our goal is to offer a glove for every golfer, no matter your size or style preferences. Our Players Gloves are available for right and left-handed players and the size options vary from S-XXL. We offer the Players Glove in Mens and Womens sizes which are similar in size to the other big names that you’re used to. 

To take a look at all of our options and try one out for yourself, click here. We’d love to see pictures of you using your Players Glove out on the course to improve your game and even your outfit! Follow and tag us on Instagram and Twitter @ShortPar4.