Dress To Impress The Boss On The Course

It’s inevitable, your boss is going to take you golfing. Whether it be at his private club or just a local spot, you need to be on top of your golf game - both playing and style! Remember,  you should dress to your style. If you like louder colors, then go for it. If you’re more traditional, that’s alright too. Obviously, just make sure not to wear anything offensive or controversial. Leave that “I Like Big Putts” polo in your dresser. For more tips, check out our style guide to get the right look for you. There are 5 important things to keep in mind before you load up in the morning and head to the course.
  1. Wear a polo no matter what - It doesn’t matter what quality or level of course you’re playing, you absolutely have to wear a polo! No t-shirts, no tank tops - a polo. If you’re playing in cold weather you can of course wear a sweater or jacket over it, but that collar should be sticking up and when you take your long-sleeve off after your round, you’d better have a nice-looking polo on underneath it.
  2. You’re always safe with pants - Now if you’re playing in the desert and the forecast is for triple digit temperatures, then you’re probably going to want to wear shorts - cargo shorts not advised … ever! The PGA Tour doesn’t allow shorts, so obviously pants are always a safe option. Try some breathable, athletic golf pants.
  3. Always wear a belt, and match it with your shoes - You absolutely need to wear a belt, which also means you have to tuck in your polo no matter what. A common guideline for matching is to have your belt match your shoes. That way your whole outfit is tied together.
  4. No gym or running shoes, you’ll need golf shoes - Don’t be the guy that wore tennis shoes to play golf. There’s nothing like teeing up your ball, swinging as hard as you can and nearly falling over because it rained the night before. If you’re more old school at heart, go with a saddle shoe style with removable spikes, if you’re younger in spirit, go spikeless! Do yourself a favor and get some nice socks as well - grungy, white sweat socks won’t cut it.
  5. Accessories are up to you - Most golfers wear a hat for sun protection and tradition, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Some golfers say wearing a hat gives them “tunnel vision” and blocks out their peripheral vision. Sunglasses are the same deal - although we’d recommend either wearing or not wearing them for the entirety of the round because switching back and forth can sometimes throw off your depth perception over the course of 18 holes.
That should take care of your wardrobe and give you some confidence playing a round with the boss. Check out our style guide and let one of our style caddies help you find which profile fits you best. Let us know how it goes and share your story with us at facebook.com/shortpar4



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