Don’t Make Country Club Flubs

It happened! You finally got invited to that super fancy, private country club you’ve been dreaming of playing ever since you were aware of golf. Your boss, or your buddy, or a buddy’s buddy found a way in and now you’re first off the tee tomorrow morning at 6am … now what? Don’t panic, we have you covered. Also, if this particular round happens to be with the big guy at work, check out this post on playing a round with your boss so you don’t stumble there. Basically, the overall tip here is that you want to look and act like you belong there - don’t look like you found a hole in the fence and snuck on with your friends. Don’t fret, those members are people just like everybody else … but at the same time, they’re not like everybody else and will judge you if you show up looking like one of their caddies! Act the part, you’ll be fine! What To Do First First things first, get your nicest polo, belt and pants cleaned and ironed. Then, throw on your favorite, aka best fitting, hat. Grab some nice athletic socks and clean up those shoes - you don’t want mud from the local muni making a trail behind you. Second, clean up those clubs. Get them nice and shiny! Tidy up that bag and take out anything you don’t need or don’t want spilling out when you grab a ball on the first tee. Speaking of the first tee, there most likely will be people watching, so if there was ever a time to hit a controlled, in-rhythm tee shot, it’s now! Use a nice ball, properly marked. Exercise the ultimate etiquette on the course. Do all of the regular things - don’t step in lines, give honors to the better score, help with yardages and lost balls, etc. But also think about bringing a wet towel to the green to help clean balls, fixing divots that aren’t yours, etc. Basically try to do anything to show the member who got you out that you respect the course and appreciate him/her getting you out there. After your round, you should do these two things first:
  1. Find the nearest pressurized air hose and get all of the grass and mud off of your shoes. You don’t want to drag all of that grime into the clubhouse or 19th hole.
  2. Find the nearest bathroom, take off your hat and fix your face! Wash off, fix your hair and readjust your clothes. Come out looking fresh!
Now, simply enjoy an Arnold Palmer, take in the sights and remember to always be respectful of the members and the service staff. Have a great round and share your story with us at



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