Pros Get Their Own Golf Beer

Combining their love of golf with an appreciation of beer, three PGA Tour players, Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley and Freddie Jacobson, have created their own company that delivers their own unique approach to the nineteenth hole. And we are excited! Launched exclusively in Florida this October, the GolfBeer Brewing Co. introduced the perfect round of beer. The three craft beers, Keegan Bradley's New England Style Lager, Freddie's Scandinavian Style Blonde Ale, and G-Mac's Celtic Style Pale Ale, were tailored to each players' taste profile and contain between 4.5% and 5% alcohol by volume. Targeted to golfers, the versatile line of craft beers was developed with refined, well-balanced flavors and a lower alcohol content to provide us with a lifestyle beverage that is drinkable and refreshing on the golf course, clubhouse, or in the comfort of our home. Nurturing the golf-beer connection, these guys are integrating the outdoor aspect of golf with an awareness of how the experience of a cold, crisp beer can bring us pure enjoyment. By debuting the first line of craft beer associated with professional golf, Keegan, McDowell, and Jacobson are venturing into an untapped market where they can make a huge divot for two reasons. First, the craft beer industry is growing at an accelerated pace placing them in a great position for growth. In addition, the golf market is a large beer market as a growing number of clubhouses are including craft beers as a welcome addition to their menus making it a perfect time to explore this part of the industry. This new enterprise is set to expand in December and into the first quarter of 2015. Currently only available at select Florida golf courses, on-site restaurants, and country clubs, the next wave of distribution will stock grocery stores, bars, and other restaurants beginning in Florida and expanding their reach into other regions. We don't know about you, but we can't wait to try a sip!



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