Look Your Vest On The Course

With so many options when it comes to golf attire and the daunting task to narrow down what to wear, don't forget the advantages of adding a vest to your repertoire. For the most part you'll be wearing pants or shorts, but for your top, there are so many different choices and combinations. You could go with a polo by itself, a polo with a jacket over it, a long-sleeved polo, or a long sleeve shirt with a polo on top, etc. One option that has become increasingly popular in the last few years is the vest over a polo. The advantages are simple - a vest will keep your torso warm without restricting the movement of your arms. Vests On The PGA Tour I'm sure you've seen that Tiger fellow wearing a black Nike vest over a red polo on Sundays. He also likes to wear vests with a collar over the top of an athletic, long-sleeve shirt. Other players are on the vest bandwagon too! Luke Donald can be spotted in his sweater vests, Ryo Ishikawa has been known to sport a flashy-colored vest from time to time and Geoff Ogilvy has been known to wear a vest to accent that amazing mustache of his. Pairing a vest with your existing wardrobe can give you so many more looks and can provide you with nonrestrictive warmth for those colder days on the course. Oh So Many Vests Vests come in just about any color and pattern out there. They come in many fabrics such as cotton, dri-fit and wool to name a few. You should choose your golf vest depending on the weather in which you're playing. If it's only slightly cool, look into a "windbreaker" type of material for a vest. These can still keep you warm and are incredibly light - you won't even know you're wearing it. If you're unsure what type of vest to get or where to pick one up, give our SP4 box a try and let us give you a hand picking out your first one. Of course, as with the rest of the box, if you don't like the color, style, fabric or pattern, feel free to send it back at absolutely no cost to you. Get started today!



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