Live in Style: ADIDAS Travel Capsule Collection

Adidas Golf is once again proving they are an industry tastemaker and style guru by designing the Travel Capsule Apparel Collection. Showing us how to dress smarter, they created the ultimate collection of golf apparel that can double as everyday pieces gifting golfers everywhere with a multifunctional and versatile wardrobe. Adidas Golf graciously shows us (thank goodness) how to compose a polished travel wardrobe with JUST seven pieces that can be effortlessly replicated.

Here's how they did it: Modeling this collection after a fun variation of the traditional monochromatic trend, Adidas Golf uses a complementary color palette in various hues of the same color as the foundation of the wardrobe to create a wide array of combinations with the staple pieces. Then, by adding a vibrant pop of color to the outfit via accessories, an even broader and interesting range of stylish combinations are created within the assemblage! Adidas Golf uses various shades of grey as staple pieces that, when coupled with the key pieces in teal, execute their intended sleek look with plenty of personality.

Here's how you do it: Creating your own travel collection is simple and fun! First, find a color you feel comfortable in for your staple pieces. Of course, there are no limits and any color (in various hues) can be used for the staple pieces...think Rickie Fowler's orange or opt for a more mild, but classic black and white combination. Then, splurge on a few key pieces in various colors to create more variety in your outfit assemblage and that are lockstep with your style. Remember, the key pieces can be anything - a hat or belt, shoes or glove, or maybe if you really go for it, your sunglasses. Of course with all the options out there make it a point to find pieces that are high quality but low maintenance, such as lightweight, performance fabrics to easily transition from that long flight, to drinks with your buddies, to, you know, that round on the golf course. Whew, dressing for golf and life has never been so easy!

If you're still unsure where to start or need some inspiration, give our SP4 box a try and let us give you a hand picking out some new pieces for your collection. Of course, as with the rest of the box, if you don't like the color, style, fabric or pattern, feel free to send it back at absolutely no cost to you. Get started today!

Nicholas Nomann
Nicholas Nomann


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