Why Is Course Style So Important?


Create Your Perfect Personal Style

No matter how you play, your style matters on and off the course.

What's your course look?

Weekend Warrior

You work a long, hard week and the weekend is your chance to relax and hit a few.  The stakes are low: it could be a few bucks or even a cold beer on the line, but you still want to make the best of it.  Don’t wear the same polo you throw on every Saturday.  People notice that kind of thing.

You don't have to fill your whole closet with golf clothes, but if you have five solid outfits that you can mix and match you won't be wearing the same thing every time you meet up with you golf buddies. Next thing you know, they'll be asking "Where did you get that shirt?" instead of "When was the last time you washed that?"  


Charity Golfer

You only play golf a couple times a year, but you want to make sure those rounds count! You might think you can get away with wearing the free polo from the annual charity event, but the fact is it looks cheap and it isn't comfortable. 

If you want to impress your fellow players but need some advice on what to wear, look for things that you would also wear in a social setting.  Find a polo that works on the course but also looks slick with your favorite jeans.  Find shorts that will fit in on the course, but will also be comfortable when you're doing yardwork or even at the pool. Whatever you choose, don’t get caught in the free polo again!

Club Goer

You're the guy that's at the club for dice or cards in the evening plus golf at least three days a week.  You more than anyone really need to keep up with the trends in golf apparel.  Look around and see what other people at the club are wearing, or  watch some of the guys on tour to see what’s hot this season.  You definitely need to have golf apparel for every season, too.  Find a section of the closet and put the current season's apparel there.  For summer,  stick with the lighter colors and materials for polos, and lighter material shorts that will keep you cool until you duck into the 19th hole. 


Bobby DiMeo
Bobby DiMeo


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