All Styles: 6 Months

  • Your Style: Depends on the Occasion
  • Colors: Ranges from Neutrals to Bolds
  • Patterns: Anything from Solids to Plaids
  • Style Icons: Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott

Whether you're on the course, in the boardroom, at the office or out to brunch on the weekend --
ShortPar4's personal stylist will make you look the most handsome you've looked in years. 

Tailored to Your Unique Style

Every month our stylists will hand pick and deliver 1 to 3 brand name golf lifestyle piece of apparel or gear
directly to your doorstep. No small sample boxes here. No random junk that you'll never use.
Just high quality stuff we'd wear ourselves for less money. It's that simple.
Free shipping always. 
Handsomeness guaranteed. 

Subscribe to save, get rewarded for referrals, and always look fresh on the green.

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