Executive - Loud & Wild Style Auto Renew
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Executive - Loud & Wild Style Auto Renew

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  • Your Style: Bold, Strong and Fun
  • Colors: Brights, Neons, Unexpected Mixes
  • Patterns: Stripes, Chevrons, Argyle, Plaid
  • Style Icons: Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter


"Loud & Wild Style" SP4 Members are confident in their style and their game, both on and off
the course. With a bold flair for the unusual, Loud & Wild gents like bright colors, neons, and fun
patterns like stripes, chevrons, argyle and plaid.

Get new golf apparel every month, personalized to your style and for a flat monthly rate, so you
know what to expect, whether you're on the course, in the boardroom, at the office or out to
brunch on the weekend -- ShortPar4's personal stylist will make you look the most handsome
you've looked in years.

Tailored to Your Unique Style

Every month, our personal Style Caddies will hand pick 2 to 4 brand name pieces of apparel
and accessories and ship them directly to your doorstep for $79.
No small sample boxes here folks. No random junk or granola bars that you'll never use.
Just high quality gear we would (and do!) wear ourselves for less money. It's that simple.
Handsomeness guaranteed. 
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