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7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Short Par 4 Member

Find out how you can stay fresh on and off the course by becoming a Short Par 4 member!

At Short Par 4, we partner with the best golf apparel brands in the industry while passing the savings on to you. If you are on the fence about becoming a Short Par 4 member, let us explain our top 7 reasons to sign up! Your golf wardrobe will thank you.

1. Quality Golf Gear for Less

All golfers understand the frustrations of browsing a golf pro shop only to find price tags that are far higher than you’d be willing to pay for a hat or polo. Not only are the prices high, but most everything will include the golf course logo which isn’t always ideal. At Short Par 4, we always have the fashionable golfer in mind. Once a month, our members receive a package that includes a variety of golf apparel and gear featuring top-name brands that have been carefully selected by our experienced design team to fit the style preferences of your choice.

There are two monthly membership options for men; The Fairway and The Executive and a monthly membership for lady golfers; The Magnolia. All membership packages will include gear that is a higher value than what you are paying, guaranteed! For example, you can receive shorts, a polo, golf balls, and a ball marker for less than the cost of a pullover in a retail store. As a member, we promise that we will always keep you looking you’re best on and off the course!

2. Spend Less Time Shopping

Once you become a member, you no longer need to spend time scrolling through websites, falling into Instagram advertisement traps, or even walking circles around the golf shop checking sizes and price tags. Instead, you can take two minutes to enter your style preferences and sizes on the Short Par 4 style selector and receive new, exciting, gear every month with no hidden fees or extra charges. 

3. Choose Your Style

As you set up your profile, you’ll have the option to choose the style that fits your preferences. Choose from, Traditional, Athletic, Loud and Wild, or All Styles. Within months, you’ll have a wide selection of new apparel in the style of your choice so you can always keep it fresh on the course. It’s said that when you look good and feel good, you play good but we’ve yet to find that to be 100% truthful. No matter how you play, at least you’ll be the best dressed in your group!

4. A New Surprise Each Month 

Like Christmas every month, you get the joy of a new package on your doorstep with only the best golf gear inside. When you receive your package, you won’t be able to help but be excited to rip it open and see the month’s fresh gear. You never know what you might get and it’s always something new! Whether you open it up to see a new outfit or a special edition from that month’s major tournament, you will always find something to make you stand out amongst the crowds and fit in on any course.

5. Keep Your Golf Bag Stocked

Every golfer has had that moment before a round of golf when you look in your bag and realize that you need to run back to the pro shop because you don’t have enough balls, tees, a glove, or any other accessory that you might need. When you’re a Short Par 4 member, you can expect to receive gear like divot tools, logo tees, sleeves of golf balls, poker chip ball markers, and more. Keeping our member’s golf bags stocked is just one way we help our members feel prepared heading into every round of golf.

 Additionally, with our new Glove Club membership, you can receive a fresh pack of gloves every month so you’ll never be without one!

6. Discover New Brands

We always like to mix it up by including new and different brands along with all of the popular name brands that we know and love. As golfers, it can be easy to fall into the routine of buying and wearing a brand or two that you’re comfortable with but when you get access to new options, you’ll expand your wardrobe within a few months. Not knowing what brands to expect each time around will bring that much more excitement when you see your package at your door. 

7. Expand Your Wardrobe

When you receive new gear from Short Par 4 every month, you’ll quickly notice your golf wardrobe become a lot more intriguing. Whether it’s a new polo, pullover, shoes, or golf pants, you’re certain to get new items that you’ve never had to choose from before. The feeling of cycling through the same handful of polos for several months at a time gets old… With Short Par 4, those problems are solved in style!

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message anytime on one of our social platforms or by using our Live Chat feature. We look forward to styling you!