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Our Unofficial List of the Best Dressed Golfers of All Time

Discover the most stylish golfers to ever grace the fairways in our unofficial list of the best-dressed players of all time. From Adam Scott's class to Tiger Woods' iconic red and black, find out who made the cut!

Our Unofficial List of the Best Dressed Golfers of All Time

Golf has always been synonymous with fashion because it’s a game without uniforms, jerseys, and teams, which leaves the players on their own to represent their sense of style on the course. With this list, we are going to break down our choices for the best-dressed golfers of all time, in no particular order. 

Adam Scott

Throughout Adam Scott’s career which has boasted an impressive 31 professional wins, he has made a statement with how he carries himself on and off the course with not only his style but also his attitude. He is a class act with a charming but quiet personality which is how he can be perceived with his outfit choices which consist of solid colors, simple patterns, and often a sweater to top it all off. Scott is not a flashy trendsetter on the PGA Tour but he consistently represents himself in a well-put-together and classy style.

Tiger Woods

We had to include the greatest player of modern times because of his unmatched impact on golf style over the past two-plus decades. Since the beginning of his career, millions of golfers witnessed Tiger dominate the game in youthful, athletic, Nike gear which was a step outside of the style norms that were popular for golf at this time. Additionally, 15 major wins in the classic Sunday red and black is a style choice that will live on in golf forever. 

Payne Stewart

It’s difficult to think of a golfer wearing the classic knickers and driver cap combination and not think of Payne Stewart. He brought excitement to the game by being different from anyone else of his time. He created his own modern version of old golf style and usually with a pop of color that catches the eye. His bold choices will live on in golf history.

Gary Player

If you’re discussing players that stepped outside the box with a style that set them apart from the other guys walking the fairways, you have to mention the ‘Black Knight’, Gary Player. Gary Player is most often seen in an all-black outfit that is not only sophisticated but strong like the man himself. Although a unique choice, it’s deserving of a spot on our list. 

Rory McIlroy

Although he may not be first in mind when you think of the best dressed on the PGA Tour, Rory’s fashion choices are often the title of a few headlines when big tournaments come around. This was especially true for the 2019 Arnold Palmer invitational with his timeless navy polo and gold pants tribute to Arnie. Rory makes our list for being a staple of modern, youthful, and athletic golf fashion.

Lee Trevino

Another player that may not be on everyone’s list but deserves recognition is Lee Trevino. From the beginning of his career, Trevino has had a style true to himself which he has mostly held to this day. Although he may not bring out the plaid pants as much as he used to, his signature wide-brimmed rope hat has remained. This hat choice has wavered in popularity in golf and street fashion over the decades with a huge resurgence recently but Lee Trevino has always rocked this look with confidence.

Justin Thomas

One of the most common answers for the best-dressed golfer of the young generation has to be Justin Thomas. He has always maintained a classic style with simple patterns, solid colors, and the best that FootJoy has to offer every round. It’s safe to say that JT  has an impact on the younger generation while staying true to his own look.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan’s attire may not have stood out during his time but he will always have a place in the ranks of golf fashion because his success has made him a symbol of his era. Dress slacks, formal shoes, a driver cap, and a classy sweater/polo combination is what you’re likely to see in old black and white photos or grainy slow-motion videos of Mr. Hogan. 

Seve Ballesteros

Seve is most commonly known for having one of the most impressive short games of any golfer in history and he always looked good doing it. Seve didn’t take risks with his fashion choices but he always made it a point to be well put together. You’ll see that his style could transcend the golf course because he wore solid but elegant colored sweaters and polos with dress slacks. It was rare for him to wear a hat which was not uncommon for his time but when he did, a Nike visor would most often complete the look.

Arnold Palmer

Last and most certainly not least, we have to include the king himself, Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer is one of the most stylish golfers of all time and his style is still being appreciated to this day. Arnold Palmer’s most notable style choices include a buttoned-down polo with just enough chest hair sticking out, no hat, and his classic cardigan. The legacy he created with his career, personality, and appearance will always be honored. 

Who do you consider to be the best golfer of all time? Let us know!