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Re-Introducing: The PureRoll Putting Mat

Our PureRoll Putting Mat is back by popular demand and this time we're introducing all-new color options. Find your favorite now!

Our PureRoll Putting Mat is back by popular demand and this time, we have a handful of colorful options to choose from!  If you missed this release the first time around, you won’t want to miss out again. We guarantee that you’ll never want another putting mat once you fall in love with the features and attention to detail of the PureRoll; the most complete putting mat available today.

Features and Benefits:

The PureRoll allows golfers to practice their putting from up to eight feet away. Additionally, the entire length of the putting mat is printed with distance markers which allow you to get your pace and speed dialed in from anywhere. Along with marked distances, the PureRoll also features a full-length training track so you can always keep an eye on your putter’s swing path and alignment. 

One of our favorite features of the PureRoll Putting Mat is the option to aim for two varying-sized holes. The larger of the two is a regulation cup at 3.5 inches while the other cup is shrunk to 2.5 inches, forcing you to be deadly accurate. Once the ball is holed, the automatic return will send it down the track and right back in front of you on the mat.

The PureRoll is the perfect option for your home, dorm room, office, locker room, and more! The easy setup allows you to roll out the mat and practice your game within seconds. Once it’s set up, your family, friends, co-workers, or teammates will not be able to resist rolling a few putts to test their skills.

Color Options and Turf:

The new color options of the PureRoll include, black/red, purple, blue, light blue, grey, and red so there is sure to be an option that fits you. The base and ball return are made with a natural wood finish so it will always remain sturdy and consistent, putt after putt. The synthetic turf of the mat rolls at 10+ on the stimp meter to remain accurate to an average golf course condition.

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The PureRoll Putting Matt retails at $140 but we’re currently offering it for the low price of $109.95. Try it once and we guarantee that you’ll never go back! Practice during the off-season, kill time at work or compete against your friends and family anywhere. Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos and videos of you using your Pure Roll Putting Mat!