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Road Trippin' Through Myrtle Beach

Special thank you to Matt Cardis himself for showing us a wonderful time during our trip to Myrtle Beach. 

Road Trippin’ Through Myrtle Beach

Normally when a man pulls up in his van and tells you to hop in to go on an adventure, you prooobably want to say no. But, when that man is content creator and golf gypsy, Matthew Cardis, you hop in that van without even questioning what the adventure entails.

This week’s van adventure took us all around Myrtle Beach, or as the locals call it, Dirty Myrtle. Matt even met up with a few locals to create a list of the city’s must-see’s and must-do’s to make sure we hit all the major (and some non-touristy) hot-spots. Let’s break down the list...

Springmaid Pier

The first catch of the day was at Springmaid Pier, a noteworthy Myrtle Beach landmark (and longest pier) that stretches a whopping 1,060 feet into the Atlantic ocean. Stepping onto the wooden pier felt like stepping into every angler’s dream with each side lined with avid fisherman, looking to snag a bite. We walked end-to-end, catching both photos and smiles of all the locals who passed us by. The views and the atmosphere made the experience at the Springmaid Pier an unforgettable one. 

Peaches Corner

After working up an appetite, the team made our way down to Ocean Boulevard to visit arguably the most historic establishment on the strip - Peaches Corner. Established in 1937, Peaches has become one of the city’s most well-known landmarks, acting as a guide to the infamous boulevard. Known best for their ice cold beer, creamy milkshakes, and delicious foot-long hotdogs, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a quick bite. Although many visitors may stop in, the feeling of Peaches was truly home. Next time you’re seeing what all Ocean Boulevard has to offer, make sure to take a step back in time to Peaches. Thank us later.

Fun Plaza

Everybody needs to let their inner-child out sometimes. What better place to do so than at the Fun Plaza arcade? As we walked through the doors of Fun Plaza, a rush of nostalgia overcame us all. From the rows of Skee Ball machines to the classic PacMan games, this place truly felt like a time warp. If you find yourself craving some healthy competition off the course, we highly suggest making your way down to the arcade. Unless you’re someone who’s afraid of change…especially quarters

Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf

Last, but certainly not least, on our van-venture around Myrtle Beach was Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf. (Let’s be honest, we could all use a little putting practice between rounds.) We took a flight through Neverland, conquering all 18 holes of this magical (yet challenging) putt-putt course. Located right near Ocean Boulevard, this place is an easy stop on your next trip.

Well, there you have it. From fishing to eating to gaming and more, Myrtle Beach has so many unique spots to visit outside of your daily 18. 

Special thank you to each of the establishments mentioned above, the World Amateur, and Matt Cardis himself, for showing us a wonderful time during our trip to Myrtle Beach.