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SP4 Hack: How to Clean Your Golf Grips

Golf season is in full swing, so make sure you’re the smoothest player on the course by giving your golf club grips a thorough clean. In this SP4 Hack, we share the best tips and tricks on how to keep your grips clean.


How to Clean Your Golf Grips

Keeping your golf grips clean is a big part of looking good and playing good, each time you’re on the course. Dirty grips will become slippery and difficult to hold onto, even in dry conditions so it’s important to keep your grips clean to give you confidence on each shot. 

After a grip has been used throughout a season for countless rounds of golf and practice sessions, you will begin to notice that your grips are smoother and less tacky than when you first put them on because of dirt and oil buildup from your hands. Before you spend a bundle on new grips, check out a few ways that you can clean them up and get them back to new. 

Best Methods of Cleaning Your Golf Grips

There are a handful of methods that you can try to clean your golf grips and we will be discussing all of the best methods here. Whatever method you decide from the list below will have you swinging confidently again in no time. 

When it comes to cleaning your golf grips, several times throughout the season is the best way to keep them new for a long time. Frequent cleaning will prevent any oil and dirt from building up which will make it far more difficult. 

Cleaning Cord and Rubber Grips (Water+Mild Soap+Brush)

A cord and rubber combination grip like the popular Golf Pride models can be more difficult to clean because the rough material can hold onto dirt and debris more than smooth rubber alone. This is where a soft brush like a toothbrush can be very useful. 

A combination of soap and warm water is one of the most effective and certainly the most common method of cleaning your golf grips. This solution breaks down all buildup that has accumulated on your grips. 

Fill a bucket with warm water and mild soap and grab a rag or a soft brush. Lay each of your clubs out and scrub each grip with the solution while ensuring that you cover the entire grip. Once a grip has been thoroughly clean, apply a dry rag until the grip feels dry to the touch. Finally, leave all of your clubs out of your bag and inside to dry completely.   

Cleaning Soft Synthetic Grips (Warm Water)

When it comes to cleaning soft synthetic material grips as you’ll commonly see with companies like Winn, use only a wet rag with warm water and scrub gently. Do not use any type of soap or solution with this material because it could cause damage and wear down the grip. 

Once you’ve scrubbed the grips gently with a soft rag and warm water, it’s important to let these grips dry properly before putting them back in the bag. Use a dry rag on each grip to clear any excess moisture and air dry indoors before putting them back into the bag. 

With these soft material grips, you will notice that oils and dirt from your hands will build up much more quickly which is why these grips tend to have a shorter lifespan than rubber and cord grips. 

Grip Wipes and Sprays

An effective and easy way to clean up your golf grips is by using wipes or a spray that is specifically designed for this purpose. These products are available from a handful of manufacturers and are the perfect way of cleaning your golf grips on the go with ease. 

These products can easily be tucked into your golf bag and applied whenever you feel like your grips could use a quick refreshing. For as little as $5, you can purchase grip wipes or solvent that will bring the tackiness back to new. 

Avoid Dirty Grips:

The most important aspect of keeping your grips clean is being aware of how you treat them on the course. Be careful not to set your clubs down in any wet or muddy areas as this can cause dirt to stick to the grips. 

Instead, find a dry spot to lay your clubs down or lean them up against your bag or cart when you can. Keeping your grips clean will greatly improve lifespan and performance. 

Grip color will play a big part in the appearance of your grips throughout their use. Black or dark-colored grips will show less wear than light-colored or white grips so keep that in mind if you are buying new grips soon. 

Time to Replace Your Grips:

Even with frequent cleaning and care, golf grips will only last a handful of seasons for the avid golfer. Once you go through the proper cleaning process for your golf grip material just to find that they’re just as smooth and ineffective as they were when you started, it’s time to replace your grips. This can be done by a local professional or on your own if you have the proper equipment.