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Short Par 4 Partners with MULLIE Golf: Buy & Sell Community by Golfers, for Golfers

MULLIE Golf: The first ever community-driven marketplace for golfers specifically to buy and sell golf equipment and apparel. 

Short Par 4 Partners with MULLIE Golf: Buy & Sell Community by Golfers, for Golfers

If you’re an avid golfer, chances are that you have a collection of gear and equipment that is currently sitting somewhere, collecting dust. It’s time to turn your gear into cash! Maybe it’s that set of irons from your college days or that putter that never seems to work for you; with MULLIE Golf, it has never been easier to buy and sell golf equipment with others in the community. 

What is MULLIE Golf?

MULLIE was created for golfers, by golfers. It was born from the need to help like-minded individuals contribute to the growth of our beautiful game. We all love buying, sharing, and selling golf stuff. It not only makes the game more fun, it connects us.

MULLIE Golf is the first ever community-driven marketplace for golfers specifically to buy and sell golf equipment and apparel. MULLIE Golf aims to connect golfers with the specific communities they love, like TitleistMalbon GolfNike, and many more. 

A 0% selling fee makes transactions convenient while a hassle free shopping experience allows you to find your favorite companies or be introduced to new brands for free. By negotiating prices and making custom offers, you’re guaranteed to always find the best deals. MULLIE Golf is free to use and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Why Choose MULLIE Golf?

Golf has never been more expensive than it is in current times and the prices from top golf retailers continue to rise with no end in sight. With MULLIE, these prices are gone with the wind. The seller has full control over setting their prices while the buyer has the ability to make custom offers. This ensures that you’re always within your budget.

Gone are the days of receiving pennies on the dollar for your trade-in clubs and gear because MULLE allows you to post your items for exactly what they're worth to you. Whether it’s a set of irons that you’ve been holding onto or a limited edition pair of golf shoes, there are guaranteed to be other golfers out there to take them off your hands. Additionally, you can follow accounts that you enjoy to always be alerted about their available items. 

Concerned about the buying and selling process? MULLIE Golf guarantees that all sales are 100% safe for buyers and sellers with their protection terms. All transactions are securely handled through PayPal so your information will always be protected. 

Real Reviews from MULLIE Golf Users: 

RediGolf Preservation Company: 

A platform for us. Finally a platform built for golfers! Inflation has hit the states and prices of golf gear at your typical retailer are rising and will continue to do so but thankfully Mullie provides the perfect alternative from a buyers perspective. As a seller, the platform’s functionally is beyond user friendly and I was able to post items effortlessly from my phone at the driving range.

Ted Kentopp:

Best Golf Shopping App
Mullie is hands down the best. The app is sleek and easy to use. Zero seller fees cannot be beat and I find myself logging back onto the app to see new listings like I would Facebook marketplace. I don’t see myself selling my clubs anywhere else but on Mullie (:

Samuel Herb:

To heck with eBay for golf!

For buyers and sellers, this is 1 million times better and built specifically for golf… YES. PLEASE


Never using EBay Again

Not only is the Mullie app incredibly easy to use, it has authentic products and wonderful customer support. Very cool to find network of golfers.

Download MULLIE Golf Today:

Now that you’ve been introduced to the greatest buy/sell community in the history of golf, what are you waiting for? Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to turn your gear into cash. Additionally, check out MULLIE Golf on Instagram to stay up to date on news from them, the best golf humor, golf pop-culture, and much more!