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The TR2 Rangefinder: Attack the Pin with Confidence

Our new TR2 Rangefinder was designed with all of the top features you expect from a premium rangefinder without the premium price.

Rangefinders have become widely available to golfers everywhere and gone are the days of guessing your distances or looking for a yardage marker in the fairway. These methods are outdated and can be inaccurate. It’s time for you to level up your game. 

If you want to have the confidence of exact yardages in the palm of your hand, look no further! We recently introduced our second and most versatile rangefinder to date, the TR2 and you won’t believe the price. 

Our new TR2 Rangefinder was designed with all of the premium features that you expect from a rangefinder at a lower than premium price of $119.95. Our most advanced combination of size, speed, and precision guarantees you the proper yardage from anywhere up to 550 yards away from the pin. 

The new TR2 features flagstick vibration technology to give you the confidence that you’re seeing the proper yardage. Additionally, Slope technology has been included with the TR2 and it can be turned On/Off to remain USGA and R&A legal during tournaments and as accurate as possible outside of tournament play.

Adding to the convenience, the TR2 features a magnetic cart mount so your range finder is always within reach. If you walk the course, it fits neatly in our premium carrying case which will protect your rangefinder while also being convenient to grab quickly. 

Other features include the ability to change between yards/meters and 6.5x magnification. The TR2 is powered by a rechargeable USB-C cord and will be fully charged within two hours. 

It’s time to level up your game. Know the yardage and attack the pin with confidence on every shot with the new TR2 Rangefinder. Click here to get yours today!