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Top 5 Essentials You Need in Your Golf Closet During the Winter

Apply these tips to your golf closet to stay warm on the coldest days!

Top 5 Essentials You Need in Your Golf Closet During the Winter

Depending on where you live, the degree of cold weather gear that you should have at the ready will certainly vary. For the purpose of this list, we’ll discuss items that you would want as an option from the beginning of winter to the close of the season. We'll cover gear you can wear throughout the cold months if you’re lucky enough to play year-round, or if you live in freezing temperatures like the midwest.

You never want to be the person that has to go on a shopping spree before the round because you didn’t come prepared for the weather. Cold weather items are essential to playing in many areas. As a Wisconsin golfer, there are a few tried and true tips that I’ve learned over the years. Apply these tips to your golf closet to stay warm on the coldest days!

1. Layering Pieces:

The most important thing to focus on when choosing your cold weather golf outfit is maintaining the ability to swing without too much restriction. This is where the importance of layering pieces comes in. Having long sleeve shirts that are slim but warm will allow you to swing without restricting your arms. Look for something that is lined with materials like fleece or flannel. For extra warmth, find something with a taller neck like a turtleneck to keep the wind out. Additionally, consider finding fleece/flannel lined pants or even long underwear to keep your lower body warm, especially if you’ll be riding in a cart. 

2. Hand Warmers:

As those of us in colder climates know, one of the first things to get cold is your hands. A lot of golfers choose to go with gloves or the large golf specific mittens, but this isn’t always the most effective. I’ve found that one of the best ways to keep your hands warm is single use hand warmers stuffed in a hand muff that you can strap around your waist like a quarterback. Before you swing, spin it to your backside and it will be out of the way. The reason I find this to be the most effective is because the hand warmers are warmer than gloves, your hands are free in a moment's notice, and you don't have to take gloves off and put them on every shot. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about losing your gloves with this method.  

3. Cold Weather Headwear:

Another one of the first places you begin to lose body heat is your head so it’s important that you have something warm for a more enjoyable round of golf. Most popularly, a beanie is a great choice for those cold days. You can find them in a large variety of style options, materials, and fits. If you are the type of person that doesn’t like wearing a beanie, a set of ear warmers could be the best options for you. If a beanie or ear warmers just isn’t enough, I always have a neck gaiter with me which will also help in keeping the wind from going down your shirt.

4. Wind Blocking Clothing:  

When the wind is high in cooler temperatures, it can be very difficult to stay warm. In order to stop the wind from getting in, wearing a set of thin wind blocking clothing over the top of your warm layers is the best method. A light wind jacket and even wind pants is an important part of any golfer's closet. Wind gear is versatile because it can be worn in slightly warm temperatures when the wind is blowing and will certainly add to your comfort on those cool days. 

5. Warm Socks and Shoes:

Last but certainly not least is keeping your feet warm on the course. Everyone in cooler areas has spent time on the course in the late season where it can seem impossible to keep your feet warm. This makes for a less than enjoyable time. First and foremost is the shoes you choose for this time of year. We recommend putting away the lightweight, breathable, mesh shoes for these rounds and wearing something with little airflow. We always recommend waterproof shoes to keep any moisture out. Additionally, you’ll want to find a pair of warm socks to go along with these shoes; wool is a fantastic choice. Having an extra pair in your bag in case they get wet is something that you won’t regret.