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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

We’ve compiled a list of all the must-haves that are guaranteed to put a smile on your golfer’s face.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

Buying gifts for the golfer in your life can be challenging, especially when...

A. They insist they already have everything they need. Or,

B. You aren't a golfer and have no clue what slope is (or why rangefinders with slope are so much more expensive).

Without knowing exactly what they may need or want, the holiday season can quickly become intimidating! We’ve compiled a list of all the must-haves, guaranteed to put a smile on your golfer’s face.

These gift ideas go beyond the usual so you can rest assured that your golfer will be more than happy when the moment comes. We’ll break down affordable gift ideas from speakers to subscription memberships and other essential gear.

5. Golf Speaker

A must-have on the golf course is a quality speaker. It becomes essential once you have it on the course for the first time. Spending a great deal of time driving around the rough and trees looking for your ball is always more enjoyable when you have some good music playing. The speaker of our choice is the SP4 Blast Magnetic Speaker and at $59.95, it’s definitely an affordable option. 

This all-black speaker is waterproof and drop resistant so you don't have to worry about those rainy days or bumpy paths, and the strong magnet connects easily to any cart rail. A 60-foot range will allow you to keep your phone with you while on the green without affecting the music from your cart. Additionally, a 12-hour battery life means you can let the music play for several rounds before needing to charge it again. (HINT: If you purchase two SP4 Blast Magnetic Speakers, you can pair them together for a surround sound feel).

4. Fresh Apparel

If you notice that the golfer in your life simply rotates through the same few golf outfits week in and week out, some new clothes for the holidays are a thoughtful choice. Every golfer out there enjoys seeing their golf wardrobe expand so they can stay fresh on the course. Take note of the clothes you see often or the gaps in their wardrobe and check out all of our options!

If you’re hoping to give the gift that keeps on giving, our subscriptions are tailored to fit the styles and needs of any golfer. After becoming a Short Par 4 Member, new members will receive a package each month with apparel and accessories that they can show off on the course or put in their daily rotation. Each membership is curated by our style caddies to fit your golfer’s unique style preferences. To make it easy, we offer various monthly SP4 gift cards for our membership levels so you can gift your golfer with the true membership experience.

Another incredibly thoughtful gift idea is our new Glove Club Membership. This membership means they’ll receive our high-quality 100% cabretta leather gloves each month. No one wants to wear that old crusty glove at the bottom of their bag!

3. Golf Bag and Accessories

For the avid golfer, a top-of-the-line golf bag may only last a handful of seasons before it begins to show noticeable wear and tear. Even accessories like towels and headcovers can quickly begin to lose their quality after multiple uses. Most golfers take pride in the appearance of their golf bag setup and refreshing some or all of it is a considerate gift choice.

A golf bag should fit the play style of the golfer using it. For example, if the person you’re buying for likes to walk the course, look for a lightweight bag with a stand. You can even look for features such as a cooler pocket and easy access for small items (divot tool, scorecard, tees, etc). 

Pssst! Word on the street is that Short Par 4's going to be launching a golf bag very soon. Keep an eye out on our social media for more hints!

For towels and headcovers, check out the ‘Accessories’ tab on our website for all of our unique options. You can shop our drool-worthy headcovers in our Drippy Collection. This collection includes a variety of putter covers, a driver cover, and an alignment stick cover. If you like to match with your setup, they can all be purchased as a bundle which will also include a Drippy Collection bag.

2. Practice Aids

Everyone knows a golfer that could use a little more practice but may not always have the time to get out to the range. At-home golf training aids have been a popular gift for golfers for decades now! They help golfers get their fix at home and in the off-season. We are proud to launch our very first PureRoll putting mat this week! The PureRoll has everything you need in a putting mat and more. Our favorite part about it is the alignment guide to help you master your putting. The PureRoll putting mat is originally $120, but you can get $40 off as part of this weeks Black Friday Sale!

1. The Short Par 4 Holiday Box

If you still can’t decide on the best gift for the golfer in your life, no need to worry. We’ve got you covered with our Short Par 4 Holiday Box. This special edition box is the perfect gift for any golfer. It includes a polo, pullover, hat, and so much more. The holiday box has a value of $180 for only $99.95. Additionally, you can add the SP4 Magnetic Blast Speaker for a discounted price as a special surprise for a total of $149.95. 

Happy shopping from the Short Par 4 team! Have a wonderful holiday season.