In order to ensure the sustainability of Short Par 4 deep into the future, we're making changes to a few key components of our SP4 Bucks program that will go into effect immediately.

  1. SP4 Bucks will only be redeemable for ACTIVE Short Par 4 members.
  2. All SP4 Bucks will expire 12 months after the date that the SP4 Buck was earned.
  3. Number of points aren't changing, but the VALUE scale of points going forward are as follows: Every 100 SP4 Bucks = $.50 in redemptive value. For example, 2500 SP4 Bucks will now equal $12.50 in redemptive value.
  4. Going forward, all SP4 Bucks will now be redeemable in two specific locations: towards a monthly subscription, or within the newly created Rewards Redemption Center, which can be access by clicking here.

This is in the best interest of all Short Par 4 members as we're now including deeply discounted product in the newly designed redemption center.