About Us

Short Par 4 was born from Love, Passion and Desire!  
  • Love for Fashion
  • Passion for Golf
  • Desire to Save Money

We are a box that is about discovery beyond the traditional big name brands -- delivering the highest quality products to your door that are in-style, on-trend and affordable. Do we include big name brands as well? You bet we do. From Nike to Under Armour to Puma and everywhere in between, our Style Caddies do the hard work for you allowing you to look great on and off the course.

You won’t find a tube of sunscreen or a pouch of beef jerky coming to you from Short Par 4. We are still dedicated to the fashion and trends of the golf lifestyle. We want our members to have peace of mind knowing that they look good no matter if they are at the office putting into a jar, chipping it in to save par or just enjoying a drink at the bar.

At Short Par 4, our stylists aren't just schooled on the best looks in golf apparel. They're golfers, too—which means they know what works, both on and off the course—no matter your style.

For $45 a month, they'll hand-pick amazing items for you from a great selection of some of the top golf brands like Under Armour, Puma, Callaway as well as other fast growing amazing brands like Devereux, Johnnie-O, Travis Matthew and more! It's all about discovery, simplicity and savings at Short Par 4!

There are no lines or crazy shoppers to contend with here. Your shipment will be delivered directly to your doorstep, giving you a hassle-free experience, and some great new gear.

Spend time on the course. Not your closet.