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With the Fairway, you get the most bang for your buck. Our Fairway package holds the most items that will allow you to discover high-quality brands that we’re sure you’ll love. We wanted the Fairway to be curated for the cutting-edge gentleman who wants to look like a million bucks without paying a fortune for it.

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Because of our personalized style test, our Style Caddies are able to give you the Fairway package of your dreams. Every month, we deliver high-quality brands that'll be sure to tickle your fancy.


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The mission of Short Par 4 weighs heavily on finding high-quality, on-trend items that you don’t see every day. This means you can rock the slickest gear that will boost your confidence before you even leave your home.


Out On The Course


Say good-bye to worrying about finding an outfit from the course to the rest of your day. With Short Par 4, you'll get high-quality items that are breathable and practical so feeling comfortable while you're on the go will be the last of your worries.


Putting In Overtime


Short Par 4 delivers items that are not strictly just for the golf course. Our high-quality and fashionable items can be worn from the moment you step out the door till you come back at night. They’re good for everything from golf to the bars with the guys or a first date.


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Only subscribers to our Tour Experience mailing list will get an email on the first Monday of every month. The email will contain a special link which 

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After you receive your email you will have 72 hours to pick your Tour Experience brand. Act quickly because after the 72 hours are up the links will magically dissapear. 

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Once you have picked your brand we get right to work picking out the best apparel from the brand you picked. We go shop based on your sizing to ensure the perfect fit. 

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David H.

Before Short Par 4, I was paying full price for my golf clothes. Now I'm paying half price and getting more value with the products I receive. I even wear them to the office!


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We assume you're ready to get high-quality items at the best price. Because who wouldn't? Let's get the ball rollin' to send you on your way to ultimate style relief.

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