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Junior Golf Redesigned with 1764 Golf

Elevate your junior golfer's style with 1764 Golf's fashionable and functional junior golf apparel. Their collection blends comfort, style, and performance, ensuring young golfers shine on the course. Explore their new range of polos and hoodies designed for on and off the course. Bring unmatched style to your junior's golf wardrobe with 1764 Golf.

Junior Golf Redesigned with 1764 Golf

Attention, junior golfers and stylish families! Get ready to hit the greens in unparalleled style and comfort with the latest collection from 1764 Golf. We're thrilled to introduce their new meticulously designed Junior Golf apparel line, featuring the perfect blend of functionality, fashion, and flair!

Junior Polos: Elevate Their Golf Wardrobe

The 3-Button Polo is a game-changer for young golfers. Crafted with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, this polo isn't just about looks; it's engineered for performance. These sleek polo shirts include removable collar stays that are designed to keep the collar crisp. 

Available in a variety of eye-catching designs such as Greenhouse (powder blue and graphite), Flock, Discover, Starstruck, Sprig, and Welcome Home. The junior polos are available from Small to X-large. And don't forget, they've got matching adult versions, so you can twin with your junior golfer in style!

Fabric Features:

Say goodbye to discomfort caused by sweat as this fabric expertly pulls moisture away from the body, keeping young golfers cool and dry. Enjoy the freedom to swing with ease! The lightweight, stretchy fabric, and vented sides ensures unrestricted movement, providing the flexibility needed for that perfect shot.

Junior Hoodies: Stay Cozy, Play Smart

For those chilly mornings on the course or casual outings, the Junior Hoodies are an absolute must-have!

Crafted with a blend of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, these full print hoodies are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Featuring solid hood lining and a scoop back hem, these hoodies offer added comfort.

Available in trendy designs like Smoke N' Mirrors (grey and blue), Flock, and New Icon, these hoodies match the chic style that junior golfers are seeking.

Fabric Features:

With this fabric's moisture management, there's no more worries about staying dry. Their hoodies are designed to manage moisture effectively. Additionally, 1764 polos are lightweight and stretchy with optimal stretch for maximum movement without sacrificing warmth. These hoodies offer unrivaled comfort, making them perfect for golf or any active lifestyle.

Once again, don't forget to look for the matching adult versions of these hoodies, so you can synchronize your golf attire to your junior and make a statement on the course together.

Join the Style Revolution in Junior Golf with 1764 Golf

Innovative, stylish, and performance-driven, 1764 Golf's Junior Golf apparel collection is redefining fashion for youth golf. Elevate your junior golfer's game and style with 1764 Golf. Discover the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and fashion today!

Junior Membership

We recently launched a new Junior Membership! The goal is to expand your juniors golf wardrobe for less. This membership will keep them ready to hit the course with monthly packages and it grows with them with easy size changes. Checkout the Junior Membership here!