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Above the Links: Conquer the Elements and Play Through It

Master the unpredictable elements of golf with Above the Links' elite windproof and waterproof apparel. Crafted with cutting edge, three-layer, lightweight fabric with sealed seams, adjustable features, and a waterproof, windproof design to ensure uncompromised style and protection. Play Through It. 

Above the Links: Conquer the Elements and Play Through It

Golf, often deemed a fair-weather sport, challenges enthusiasts in various climates which is why all serious golfers need proper golf weather apparel. As avid players know, unpredictable weather conditions can turn a serene round into a test of resilience.

Rain or shine, being prepared with the right gear is essential to ensuring a successful and enjoyable game. Enter Above the Links, a brand synonymous with elite outerwear designed explicitly for golfers.

When the skies darken and rain threatens, having windproof and waterproof apparel becomes a game-changer. Above the Links' collection boasts an array of essential pieces engineered to combat nature's elements without compromising style or performance.

Let's delve into the lineup:

1. Element Jacket:

The Element Jacket is crafted with a 100% polyester 3-layer lightweight fabric, the full-zip Elite Performance Weather Jacket from Above the Links sets the standard for premium outerwear. Sealed seams, adjustable Velcro closures on elastic cuffs and drawstring hems, and a four-way stretch guarantee unparalleled comfort and protection. With its waterproof and windproof features, this jacket is a go-to for battling the elements on the golf course. This jacket is available in six unique colors!

2. Frontier 1/2 Zip Pullover:

The Frontier Half-Zip Pullover exudes both style and functionality. Made from the same 3-layer lightweight fabric as the Element Jacket, this pullover offers waterproof and windproof capabilities. Its adjustable features, including elastic cuffs with Velcro closure and drawstring hem, ensure a tailored fit for ultimate comfort during your game. Available in navy, gunmetal, and black.

3. Sound Colorblock E/S Pullover:

For those warmer days when rain showers persist, the Elbow-Sleeve Half-Zip Pullover from Above the Links steps up. Despite its shorter sleeves, it retains the brand's commitment to elite performance and weather resistance. The adjustable drawstring hem and waterproof, windproof fabric make it an excellent choice for maintaining your game in changing weather conditions. Available in white, denim, and aqua. 

4. Persist Vest:

The Full-Zip Persist Vest from Above the Links stands as a versatile addition to any golfer's wardrobe. Offering the same waterproof and windproof features as its counterparts, this vest ensures core warmth without restricting movement. Its adjustable drawstring hem adds a touch of customization while maintaining functionality.

5. Outlast Adjustable Weather Pants:

In colder, wetter climates, the Outlast Adjustable Weather Pants are a golfer's best friend. With sealed seams and waterproof, windproof fabric, these pants provide full lower-body protection. The leg zipper with Velcro closure and elastic back waist ensure a snug fit, keeping the elements at bay while you focus on your swing. Available in navy, gunmetal, and black.

6. Gauge Adjustable Weather Shorts:

For warmer rain days, the Gauge Adjustable Weather Shorts are a must-have. With their waterproof and windproof fabric, these shorts offer comfort and protection while allowing freedom of movement. The elastic back waist with Velcro closure and front pass-through zipper pockets maintain functionality without compromising on style. Available in navy, gunmetal, and black.

Above the Links Commitment to Comfort

Above the Links' easy care and machine washable fabrics ensures convenience after a challenging day on the course. With color options like Navy, Black, Gunmetal, white, aqua, denim, and more, their range caters to various tastes while ensuring top-tier performance.

In conclusion, windproof and waterproof apparel from Above the Links isn't merely a fashion statement; it's a strategic investment for any golfer serious about conquering the elements. Donning these elite pieces equips you with the confidence to take on warm weather rain days or cold, windy rounds with unwavering focus on your game. Embrace the unpredictable and master the elements with Above the Links' superior outerwear.

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