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Choosing The Best Short Par 4 Membership for Your Golf Dad

Discover the best Short Par 4 membership for your golf dad this Father's Day. From curated golf apparel and accessories to exclusive deals, our guide helps you choose the perfect subscription. Make his day special with top-quality gear delivered monthly. Learn more about our Fairway, Executive, Vault, and Glove Club memberships

Choosing The Best Short Par 4 Membership for Your Golf Dad

At Short Par 4, we pride ourselves on offering the widest-ranging subscription service in the golf industry. If you have a golf loving father in your life, we have a curated membership for him No matter his fashion preferences, or skill level, we consistently deliver golf apparel and accessories that he's sure to love. 

If you’re new to Short Par 4 and all of our membership options, we’re here to break it down and help you discover the best membership for your golf dad! With each of our membership options, he's guaranteed to receive more in value than you paid. 

Every month, he will receive a package filled with top-quality golf equipment and apparel right to his doorstep. No more shopping and no more overpriced golf apparel. What could be better? We’re happy to be your golf dad's personal style caddy and we’ll make sure he's looking fresh out on the course every round!

Becoming a Member:

Becoming a member is easily done with these three simple steps:

Select Membership - Our Style Caddies sure know what they're doing and we're confident we have the look for him. If you feel like one of our memberships fits his lifestyle, you can get him signed up in minutes. It's as easy as that! No lines, no hassles, no retail prices. All pro looks. Style Guaranteed.

Take Style Quiz - In only a few minutes, our style quiz will lead our Style Caddies to select his ideal items for his monthly boxes. Our team is experienced to select the items that will fit his on-course style and lifestyle.

Style Delivered - We remove the middleman, so he doesn't have to face the chaos of shopping. We'll do all the work. Not only is he getting some of the highest quality gear for over half the price, but we're delivering it all to his door. 

The Fairway Membership:

Our Fairway membership is our standard level for men and one of our best values. Each month your golf dad can expect a variety of golf apparel and accessories made from top quality materials. With his style in mind, we'll put together a curated package to keep him looking fresh on the course every round. 

Our Fairway Membership is a fantastic deal at only $54.95/month, he'll receive over $110 in value guaranteed. In recent months, we've sent our Fairway members shoes, polos, pants, shorts, hats, U.S. Open gear, and more. Get him fitted for a Fairway Membership today!

The Executive Membership:

The Executive Membership is designed for the gentleman that seeks the best of the best out on the course. With the Executive Membership, he'll receive premium golf apparel at a fraction of the price. Polos, pullovers, bottoms, gloves, hats, golf balls, and so much more. If your golf dad likes to take his appearance to the next level, this membership is for him. For $109.95/month, he'll receive a whopping $220+ in value with every package!

With this Membership, not only will he receive higher end items, but he'll also gain additional value over the Fairway Membership. The sign up process is the same; go through the style quiz and select what you think fits him best, and we'll take it from there. No hassles. Executive members have access to exclusive deals and VIP Customer Service. Our Executive members feel and look like a million bucks.

Vault Store Membership

If you think he'd rather pick out his own golf apparel and accessories, don't worry! We have a solution for that too. Our Vault Store is loaded with the best deals in the golf industry. The Vault prices are so low, that we had to keep them under lock and key. Everything he could need on the course at his fingertips for the lowest prices around including polos, pullovers, bottoms, golf clubs, rangefinders, golf bags, accessories, and a whole lot more. 

For only $99/year, your golf dad will have access to any golf equipment he could imagine for the lowest prices. With just a few purchases, he'll have already saved the cost of the membership itself. If you know a golf dad that likes to save a few bucks, look no further. Just keep in mind, you will get FREE Vault access during the lifetime of both the Fairway and Executive Memberships so don't forget to check it out. 

Glove Club

Last but certainly not least is our exclusive Glove Club where a simple sign up will have your golf dad setup with fresh golf gloves delivered to his door every month. Every golfer knows the agonizing feeling of putting on that crusty old glove for the third month in a row... It's time to refresh his gloves.

With our Glove Club, you have the choice between 1-3 gloves and the choice of all white or colored. Just select his size, the quantity, and color preference and he'll be thanking you every month when our highly rated Players Gloves arrive. Starting at only $15/month, this is a can't miss gift. 

Gift Cards

Checkout our current gift card offerings for him to redeem 3,6, or 12 months of our Fairway or Executive Membership! At Short Par 4, we're proud to offer the gift that keeps on giving no matter what membership you choose from. Once he's signed up, he'll be able to update his style preferences, sizes, and membership level, at a moment's notice or cancel the membership at any time. 

Make His Father's Day Unforgettable!

Whether he's a fashionista or a gearaholic, we have something for every golf dad! With one of our many Membership options, we can make this Father's Day one he won't forget. Reach out to us on social media with any questions and we'll be happy to help.

Happy Father's Day!

-The SP4 Team