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Countdown to The Masters and Exclusive Limited Releases

Spring is almost here and with it comes one of golf's favorite events. As we gear up for the Masters, stay tuned for an exclusive limited release, and share with us your favorite Masters traditions. Swing into excellence with Short Par 4!

Countdown to The Masters and Exclusive Limited Releases

As the winter chill begins to wane, and the vibrant hues of spring emerge, golf enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the most prestigious event in the golf calendar – The Masters at Augusta National.

Soon, golfers everywhere will find themselves glued to their couches as a spring breeze blows through the windows and Jim Nantz welcomes us all back with the familiar, "Hello Friends." The one true sign that spring is finally here. 

Here at Short Par 4, we share in the excitement, gearing up for another golf season filled with new apparel releases, special edition packages, and lasting memories. Join us as we get into the Masters hype and new limited releases!

Special Release Coming to the Vault Soon:

With The Masters set to unfold from April 8th to 14th, 2024, we can't help but feel the pulse of anticipation for the blooming azaleas, fierce competition, and unmatched presentation. As a golfer, we all know how refreshing it is to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with one of the best tournaments of year.

To show our excitement, we've been hard at work on something new so as the Masters draws near, be on the lookout for a specially curated release featuring limited time designs that you won't want to miss. 

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Our Favorite Masters Traditions:

The Masters is often hailed as "A Tradition Unlike Any Other," and for good reason. Tradition is the backbone of this tournament and what sets it apart from all others. From the ceremonial opening tee shots to the iconic Sunday back-nine drama, and the Green Jacket, every aspect of the tournament is orchestrated with precision and reverence.

The sense of tradition is palpable, creating an annual pilgrimage for golf enthusiasts worldwide. We asked around the office to find out what some of the Short Par 4 team members favorite Masters traditions were and this is what we found out. 

The Par Three Tournament: Every Wednesday leading up to the Masters, professionals old and young gather at the Augusta National Par 3 Course to have some light-hearted fun before the tournament begins. This often involves PGA legends, players kids, caddies, and of course, hole-in-ones! 

The Champions Dinner: Every year, the previous Masters champion is the host of the Champions Dinner. This allows him the honor of hosting all other living champions to a menu of his choice. Although this dinner is strictly private, checking out the posted menu choices is a fan favorite. 

Green Jacket Ceremony: Once the tournament has concluded and a winner is decided, the Green Jacket ceremony commences with the previous winner bestowing the jacket on the new winner. This may be the most awkward traditions every year but has led to some iconic moments. 

Rooting for/against Rory: One tradition that has emerged recently is either footing for or against Rory McIlroy to complete the Career Grand Slam; winning every Major tournament. Hate him or love him, Rory is a legend of the modern game and is one tournament away from being included in an elite group. 

Whether it's gathering with friends for a weekend watch party, filling up your favorite Masters cup with your drink of choice, or simply savoring the beauty of Augusta National, these traditions weave the fabric of our love for this event.

So, as we eagerly await the azaleas blooming and the putting greens pristine, share with us – what's your Masters tradition? Let us know on X or Instagram!

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