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Tee Off and Turn Up: The Ultimate Summer Golf Trip Destinations

Discover the ultimate summer golf trip destinations blending beautiful golf and sizzling nightlife! From Myrtle Beach to Vegas, and even across the pond. Play and party in style.

Tee Off and Turn Up: The Ultimate Summer Golf Trip Destinations

Got your clubs ready? Because we're about to dive into the ultimate summer golf trip destinations that'll have you swinging by day and living your best life by night. Forget the usual snooze-fest, and get ready for a golf trip that's a perfect blend of fairway views, birdies, and legendary nights. Let's roll!

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Where Golf and Party Collide

Alright, picture this: crushing drives by day, crushing brews by the boardwalk at night. Myrtle Beach is like the Tinder match of golf and nightlife. The Grand Strand's got more golf courses than you can shake a 9-iron at, and when the sun sets, it's game on with beachfront clubs and live tunes for the perfect night out. 

The bars here are as varied as your swing styles, from beachfront clubs with killer views to joints pumping out the latest tunes. It's a non-stop blend of golf, good vibes, and maybe a little friendly competition on and off the course. 

2. Scottsdale, Arizona: Golf, Sun, and a Side of Swagger

In Scottsdale, the golf is as hot as the Arizona sun, and the nightlife? Well, let's just say it's cooler than your buddy's lucky putter cover. Tee off at TPC Scottsdale, where even the cacti are dressed to impress. Afterward, hit Old Town for bars that are as trendy as your golf attire and clubs that know how to keep the party swinging.

As the night falls, Old Town Scottsdale comes alive with trendy bars, incredible restaurants, and stunning hotels. The nightlife here is like sinking that perfect birdie putt – pure satisfaction, and you'll be talking about it with your buddies for months to come.

3. Palm Springs, California: Desert Vibes and Cocktails with a View

Palm Springs – where the grass is green, the courses are lush, and the nights are cooler than your golf fit. Swing away at PGA West and then swap stories over cocktails at a rooftop bar with views that'll make you forget about that triple bogey on the 7th.

Palm Springs is the kind of place where golf meets Hollywood glam. With top-notch golf at courses like PGA West and Desert Willow Golf Resort, you'll have more than enough options. The combination of lush courses and cool nights makes Palm Springs a must-visit for golfers who know how to party.

Las Vegas, Nevada: The Jackpot of Golf and Good Times

Las Vegas, baby! If you're thinking about hitting the strip, why not hit some balls first? Shadow Creek, anyone? By day, it's golf like you've never seen. By night, it's lights, action, and more party than you can handle. Tee off at world-class courses during the day, and when the lights of the Strip come alive, dive headfirst into the neon jungle of entertainment. 

Pro tip: what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but your epic golf shots will be talked about for years. Las Vegas is the jackpot of golf and good times, where the buzz on the course is only rivaled by the energy of the legendary nightlife.

Dublin, Ireland: Where the Greens are Lush, and the Pints are Plentiful

Now, let's take this party across the pond to Dublin. Ireland's got links courses that'll take you back to the humble beginnings of the game, and the Irish pubs? Let's just say they know how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness. Golf by day, pub crawl by night – it doesn't get much better. 

Dublin is your passport to a golf trip with a side of Irish charm. The links courses, such as Portmarnock and The K Club, provide a scenic backdrop to your golf escapades. Once you've conquered the fairways, it's time to conquer the pubs. Irish hospitality, hearty food, and the perfect pint await. The nights here are as legendary as the tales you'll be spinning after each round – a perfect blend of golf and Irish craic.

Get Your Golf Trip Out of the Group Chat

If you're looking for an unforgettable golf trip with your buddies, these destinations are where it's at. Summer golf isn't just about the game; it's about creating stories that you'll be telling for years. Pack your clubs, bring the banter, and get ready for a golf trip that's gonna be legendary!

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