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The Beginners Guide to a Complete Golf Bag

Everything you need to get started in golf and more!

The Beginners Guide to a Complete Golf Bag

If you’re new to the game, preparing your golf bag with everything you need for a round of golf can feel like a daunting task. There is a long list of gear that goes along with playing golf but there are a select few that are essential to getting by. 

Golf Bag

One of the most important items to purchase after your first set of clubs is a golf bag that fits your needs and prefrences. For most players, a stand bag is the choice because of the lightweight, versatitilty. When looking for a golf bag, it's important that it's light weight, has enough room for your clubs and accessories, and will last in all conditions for seasons to come.

With the recent introduction of our Pure-Lite stand bag, we have successfully covered all of those requirments! This bag features a five slot club divider, a comfortable double strap for easy carrying, and it's made from water resistant fabric. The Pure-Lite is designed with five pockets which includes a lined valuables pocket, a towel ring, an umbrella holder, and easy access hoop zippers. A perfect choice for beginners and experienced players! (Pure-Lite Stand Bag)

Golf Balls

The single most important piece of equipment that you need to have is a golf ball that fits your preferences and your swing. In order to determine which ball is the best fit for you, you can head to the website of almost any golf ball manufacturer and find a golf ball fitter that will ask you specific questions, and recommend their best match.

Otherwise, you can do what most of us do and find as many golf balls as you can whenever you hit one into the tall stuff. Either way, make sure you have enough balls to get through your worst round. This number will be different for everyone and will vary each round so always bring a few more than you think you’ll need just to be safe. 

Golf Glove

Golf gloves are an important component of any golf bag because of the comfort it adds to your grip, especially on hot days. A golf glove is worn on your non-dominant hand and will provide protection from blisters while helping you maintain a solid, non-slip grip throughout the swing, even in wet or hot conditions.  

When it comes to golf gloves, the options vary greatly in price, materials, style, and comfort. If you’re just getting into golf and you haven’t put much thought into purchasing a golf glove, you can start by checking out our highly rated Players Glove which is available in white and in color with six different options. 

The Players Glove is 100% Cabretta Leather for an incredibly soft and comfortable feeling and a long-lasting life. The flexible, breathable material offers comfort all day, even in the heat. This is an all-around perfect glove to wear throughout the season! (Players Glove


Tees are essential in any golf bag because you will need one on each hole and you’ll often break them if you’re using wooden tees. For this reason, plastic tees are more popular now than ever because they perform the same as wooden tees and will typically last until you lose them without being broken. The tee you choose is entirely up to you and will be based on your preference. 

Our tees are made with environmentally friendly materials and are designed to reduce the friction of the ball off the tee with it's contoured cup design. (SP4 Tees)

Golf Towel

A high-quality golf towel is useful in more ways than one. Most commonly, a golf towel is used to clean off your clubs after those wet, muddy shots that leave your club dirty and your grooves filled with debris. 

In order to get the most out of your clubs on every golf shot, you need to have clean clubs that work as they are designed to, especially when it comes to the grooves of your wedges. This is where your towel comes in handy. 

A golf towel made with non-abrasive microfiber like our Waffle Towel will easily get into the grooves of your club with only a few swipes. This towel is made with a waffle-textured pattern that is designed for superior absorption.    

A great golf towel will match and accent the colors of your golf bag like a professional and the color options available on our website will fit nearly anyone’s bag! (Waffle Towel)

Divot Tool and Ball Marker

To have a complete golf bag setup, you must have a divot repair tool and a ball marker because you will use these items on the course numerous times throughout your round. Each time you hit the green and leave a pitch mark, you need to fix it. Using a divot tool to fix the mark is always better than using a tee or even your club because it fixes the divot without ruining the roots of the grass.

When it comes to marking your ball on the green, it’s a common courtesy and part of the etiquette of golf to mark your ball if you are in or around the line of another player or lying near the hole. Seeing another player’s ball near your putting line or the hole can be distracting so a lot of players will want you to mark your ball. 


A rangefinder is one of the most useful investments that you can make for your golf game. A rangefinder gives you the ability to know your exact yardage to the pin from anywhere on a golf hole which saves you time that would otherwise be sent searching for yardage markers. 

You can find quality rangefinders online now for less than $200. Purchasing an accurate and reliable unit will help you become more accurate and consistent. It will also help you determine exactly how far you hit each club in certain conditions which will lead to a future of proper club choices. 

Our new TR1 Rangefinder is made for your game. It feutures the most advanced combination of size, speed, and precision with flagstick vibration, On/Off Slope technology, and a strong holding magnetic cart mount. This rangefinder has everything the other guys offer with yout wallet in mind. (TR1 RangeFinder)

A Quality Golf Speaker

When you’re out on the course with your friends, having some music playing in the cart is a fantastic way to bring up the group’s energy and increase the fun! There are countless golf speakers available on the market at the moment and each one has its pros and cons. Along with the wide range of options, the price range will also vary greatly.

Our SP4 Blast Speaker is designed with the modern golfer in mind. The Blast Speaker is waterproof and drop resistent with a strong magnetic cart hold. With just one charge, you can enjoy up to 12 hours of music which is enough for several rounds of golf. The Blast Speaker has bluetooth pairing and a range up to 60 feet. The stereo mode with two speaker pairing allows your golf buddies to connect with you so the party never stops! (SP4 Blast Speaker)

Groove Sharpener/Club Cleaner

Golf clubs are an expensive investment and they are intended to last a long time. That being said, they will only perform how they are designed to if they are properly taken care of and cleaned frequently. 

Most commonly, you can buy a tool that combines a wire brush and a sharp metal point to provide a club cleaner and a groove sharpener. This tool is incredibly useful to have with you on the course because you can keep the face and the grooves clean at a moment’s notice for ideal conditions on each strike.

Each part of a golf club has a purpose and none more important than the grooves of the clubface. The grooves are designed to clear debris at the moment of impact for a clear and solid strike and to spin the ball to decrease drag through flight. With dirty, filled grooves, the purpose of the grooves is defeated. 

Rain Gear

If you’ve ever been caught on the course during a thunderstorm, you know it can be a hindrance to your game. If you put an umbrella in your bag or even a rain suit with a jacket and pants, you will be prepared for that next rain cloud. 

If you walk often, you will be better off keeping a golf umbrella tucked into your bag. A golf umbrella is designed to have a larger canopy to keep you safe from the rain in all directions. If you ride in a cart often, a rain suit might be the best option for you since you can keep yourself dry with the roof of the cart and the suit will keep you dry during your shot. 

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

An essential part of any golf bag is protection from the sun. Spending up to four to five hours in the sun in one day requires a few applications of sunscreen throughout the day. Keeping a small bottle of spray or lotion in your bag will keep you safe all day in the sun!

Another thing that is often forgotten until it’s too late is bug spray. A round of golf can turn to frustration quickly if you are being swarmed by mosquitos. Having these two items in the bag is a great way to keep yourself covered on any round. 

Get Out and Play!

When you’re just starting out in the game, learning the golf swing, the rules, and etiquette, is more than enough to think about. Use this list to help you fill any gaps in your golf setup do you can be confident on the first tee.