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The Blast-X Speaker - Your Favorite New Golf Speaker

The Blast-X Speaker; Bluetooth, waterproof, magnetic, music perfection.

With all of the gadgets to come along in the modern age of golf, there are few that compare to the Bluetooth speaker for creating the best overall vibe for any round. There’s nothing that sets the tone better for summer days on the course with your buddies than your favorite tunes bumping from the cart. 

It’s become such an essential part of our games that we no longer leave home without one. A long-lasting, magnetic, weatherproof speaker is essential in your golf bag and we have created the perfect fit. 

Our brand new Blast-X Speaker has quickly become a favorite of our members because of its golf-specific features that make listening to music on the course more convenient and enjoyable than ever. This Bluetooth speaker has a range of up to 100 feet and playtime of over 18 hours which allows you to enjoy your tunes for several rounds on one charge. 

With the strongest magnetic mount in the game, you can be confident that your speaker will remain in place on the cart during the bumpiest rounds. The Blast-X speaker is waterproof and drop resistant which keeps it safe in all weather conditions and on any course. 

The powerful bass and two-speaker pairing capability will keep the party going off the course and into the night. This speaker is charged with a Type C charging cable which reaches a full charge within several hours. 

If you’re looking for the most versatile golf speaker available at a low price, look no further than the Blast-X for only $89.95. Including all of the top features you expect and more, you and your golf buddies are guaranteed to love this speaker on and off the course.