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The Short Par 4 Cup: Sunscreen, Squirt Guns, and Team Ceci's Reign!

The Short Par 4 Cup was a weekend filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. From the Hidden Ranch's lively bar area to the thrilling battles on the fairways of the Ritz Carlton Members Club, the event was a whirlwind of fun. We can't wait to do it all again next year! Thank you to all of our sponsors, 1764 Signature, Graham Luxe, WearSPF, The Wellness Way, Turtlebox.

Hold onto your golf hats and get ready for a weekend of epic proportions! The third annual Short Par 4 Cup took place from June 16-18 this year and the unstoppable force known as Team Ceci took the win again. From the nightlife vibes at The Hidden Ranch to the unforgettable battles at the Ritz Carlton Members Club, this recap will have you chuckling in the fairways and raising your glass (or squirt gun) in celebration!

The Hidden Ranch: Where the Party Starts!

The fun began at The Hidden Ranch, a modern speakeasy style bar room that is more than meets the eye. This secret spot not only boasts a top-notch golf simulator and an indoor chipping green, but it also served as the launching pad for a weekend of excitement. After dinner and a few cocktails, every player was gifted a stylish Short Par 4 duffle bag filled to the brim with clothing scripts for the upcoming days. Thanks to the generosity of 1764 Signature and Graham Luxe, the apparel sponsors, the bags were packed with two polos, two pairs of shorts, two hats, a belt, and even sunscreen from the fabulous folks at WearSPF. Safety first, folks!

Sunscreen, Mimosas, and Stretches: A Grand Welcome to the Ritz Carlton Members Club!

Bright and early on Saturday at 8:00 am, the players were greeted with a grand display of hospitality at the Ritz Carlton Members Club. The day started with a sunscreen station sponsored by WearSPF because, let's face it, sunburns and golf don't mix well. To kick things up a notch, a mimosa bar with a side of free breakfast greeted everyone, ensuring the players were fueled and ready for action. The players who kept the party going long after The Hidden Ranch shut the lights off were especially happy to see this saving grace on the range. And let's not forget the stretching session provided by our friends at The Wellness Way in Sarasota, Florida, because nothing says "golf pro" like a good pre-round stretch!

Team Ceci vs. Team Leah: A Battle for the Ages

The competition heated up as two twenty-person teams, Team Ceci and Team Leah, took to the greens. Team Ceci wasted no time in establishing dominance, seizing a massive lead on the first day. But golf is a game of surprises, and Team Leah fought back with unwavering determination. The point difference on the second day was as tight as a pair of golf pants after one too many post-shot celebrations. Speaking of celebrations, drinks were flowing freely throughout the course, and rumor has it that squirt guns filled with tequila shots added an extra level of hilarity to the rounds. Cheers to golfing hydration, right? To take the on-course fun to the next level, Turtlebox hooked us up with their Gen 2 Portable Speaker which you could hear coming from a Par 5 away!

Team Ceci: Champions of the Links!

After two days of fierce battles and lighthearted merriment, Team Ceci emerged victorious once again, securing their second consecutive win in the illustrious three-year history of the Short Par 4 Cup. Congratulations, Team Ceci! Your skills, camaraderie, and apparent talent for combining golf and liquid refreshments make you true legends of the course. We raise our glasses (or squirt guns) to your triumph and the countless laughs that echoed through the fairways!

The Short Par 4 Cup—Where Golf, Style, and Team Ceci Prevail!

The Short Par 4 Cup was a whirlwind of golfing glory, sunscreen slathered skin, and laughter that echoed through the palm trees. From the generosity of the sponsors to the outrageous on-course festivities, this event showcased the spirit of camaraderie and the joy of the game. Team Ceci's back-to-back victories solidify their status as legends of the Short Par 4 Cup, leaving us eagerly anticipating the adventures that lie ahead. So, grab your clubs, your squirt guns (filled with whatever libation tickles your fancy), and get ready for another round of uproarious golfing fun!