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The SP4 Holiday Gift Guide - For the Golfer in Your Life

Let us take the stress out of holiday gift shopping by helping you find the best gift for the golfer in your life! Everything you need and more to check off your list.

Without knowing precisely what the golfer in your life may need or want, the holiday season can quickly become intimidating! Combine that with the ever-increasing prices of the big names and that wishlist can become a hefty bill. 

We’re here to take the pressure off of the holiday season and ensure that the golfer you’re shopping for is as happy as a kid on Christmas morning when they open your gift. Let’s break down five of our top favorite gifts for golfers to help you skip the stress and save money this year!

#1. The SP4 Holiday Box

We are excited to announce that our Holiday Box is back again! Another year of saving gift buyers time and money by supplying the golfer in their life with a box of top-quality golf apparel and gear from the industry’s biggest names. 

For the low price of $99.95, you’ll be gifting a surprise box of more than $210 worth of high-quality golf merchandise from brands like Callaway, Graham Luxe, TaylorMade Golf, and more. This box can include anything from polos and pullovers to hats, accessories, and much more. 

Simply select the recipients' size and gender and surprise them with their favorite gift of the holiday season. Our Holiday Box is highly commended and one of our best values of the year, so you won’t want to miss your chance. Click here to shop our website for the Holiday Box now!

#2 SP4 Gift Cards

Every shopper knows that buying gift cards is an easy and effective way of crossing off your shopping list, especially for the people in your life with overly specific preferences. With an SP4 membership gift card, the problem is solved. They'll get awesome, seasonal, and top-brand golf apparel in the style of their choice each month.

Choose the membership you’d think they’d love and they’ll be delivered an email with quick and easy instructions on creating their style profile. From there, we’ll take over and supply them with high-quality golf apparel and accessories for 3, 6, or 12 months!

A Short Par 4 membership is the gift that keeps on giving. Being a Short Par 4 member means expanding your wardrobe and having new stylish golf apparel throughout the season.

#3 Custom SP4 Premium Links Golf Bag

The bag a golfer carries can say a lot about their game. If the golfer in your life is lugging around an old sun-faded golf bag that hasn’t been cleaned out since the day they got it, it might be time for them to upgrade and we have the answer for you.

Be the hero around the Christmas tree this year with our custom Premium Links Golf Bag. We released this bag over the past year and it is one of our favorite items to date. The simply elegant grey and black color options in combination with top-rated water-resistant materials are sure to add a little class to your golfer's game.

Add a touch of personalization by adding their name or nickname to the ball pocket of the bag to make them look like a professional every time they tee it up. Our Premium Links Golf bag is the perfect choice for the golfer that walks or rides!

#4 The PureRoll Putting Mat

Our PureRoll Putting Mat is an indoor golf training aid and the perfect gift for any golfer. The entire length of the putting mat is printed with distance markers, allowing them to work on getting their pace and speed dialed in from anywhere. Along with marked distances, the PureRoll also features a full-length training track so you can always keep an eye on your putters swing path and alignment. 

One of our favorite features of the PureRoll Putting Mat is the option to aim for two varying-sized holes; the larger of the two is a regulation cup at 3.5 inches while the other cup is shrunk to 2.5 inches which forces you to be deadly accurate. Once the ball is holed, the automatic return will send it down the track and right back in front of you on the mat.

The PureRoll is an ideal gift for your golfer’s home, dorm room, office, and more! The easy setup allows you to roll out the mat and practice your game within seconds. Once it’s setup, family, friends, and even co-workers will not be able to resist rolling a few putts to test their skills. We recently added a wide variety of color options, check them out here!

#5 The Blast-X Golf Speaker

Our brand-new Blast-X Speaker has quickly become a favorite of our members because of its golf-specific features that make bringing music to the course more enjoyable and convenient than ever. The Blast-X is sure to be a favorite gift for any golfer. This Bluetooth speaker has a range of up to 100 feet and a playtime of over 18 hours which will allow them to enjoy their music for several rounds of golf on one charge. 

With the strongest magnetic mount in the game, they’ll be confident that their speaker will remain in place on the cart during the bumpiest rounds. The Blast-X speaker is waterproof and drop-resistant, keeping it safe in all conditions.

The powerful bass and two-speaker pairing capability will keep the party going off the course and into the night. To gift the most versatile golf speaker available at the lowest price, look no further than the Blast-X for only $54.95. This speaker will include all of the top features they’ve come to expect and more. 

Happy Holidays from the Short Par 4 Team!

We hope we were able to relieve some gift-giving stress this holiday season and help you find the perfect gift for the golfer in your life. We want to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We look forward to keeping you fresh out on the course in 2023.