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Three Up-and-Coming Golf Brands Every Stylish Golfer Should Know

Introducing 1764 Signature, Graham Luxe, and Shaft N Balls; three brands with a fresh outlook on golf fashion for unbeatable prices.

Over the last year, we’ve been happy to feature a wide variety of the popular brands we all love while introducing up-and-coming golf brands that are breaking the mold and offering something unique to golfers. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you further to three brands that received overwhelmingly positive support from our members this year. 1764 Signature, Graham Luxe, and Shaft N Balls. 

1764 Signature - Making a Statement and Breaking the Mold

If you’re the type of player that makes a statement with your outfits on and off the course, 1764 Signature might become your new favorite golf brand. With themes like, ‘Lobster N’ Beer’, ‘BBQ Party’, ‘Yacht Race’, ‘Rock N’ Roll’, and many more, you’re sure to find a polo that fits your lifestyle. The new patterns from 1764 Signature introduce unique themes and bright colors to a game founded on the tradition of simplicity. If you’re looking for boring, you’re in the wrong place.

1764 Signature is a brand for those who dare to be bold. As they state, their goal is to “Create a brand that isn’t confined to a set style while having as much fun as possible” and they’re doing just that at a below-industry standard price. For only $60, you can get suited up with a high-quality polo that makes a statement every time you put it on. 

Once you’ve found the polo that you love, choose from their selection of breathable, lightweight shorts to create the perfect outfit. The ‘Eagle’ short is offered in five colors and features a comfortable 4-way stretch. The 92% polyester and 8% spandex combination will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. 

Head to the 1764 Signature website to shop the more than 30 polo options, shorts, and hats to add some style to your game for a reasonable price!

Graham Luxe - Luxury Looks Without Breaking the Bank

Graham Luxe is the affordable luxury golf brand we’ve all been waiting for. With simple, yet sophisticated colors and patterns in combination with buttery soft materials, Graham Luxe is quickly becoming a favorite of golfers everywhere. Their variety of polos, pullovers, belts, and shorts work in unison to create sophisticated outfits for any occasion. Not only will you look good but shopping for golf apparel just became much easier.

When describing the looks they’re bringing to the game, they said; “No stuffy old country club apparel here. With Graham Luxe, you will find the perfect balance between statement pieces and everyday go-to looks. We have put just enough flair into our designs that no one will be able to deny; you look LUX AF. Welcome to the next era in golf apparel.”

You could combine the ‘Porter Heathered ¼ Zip’ in ‘Brilliant White’ with the ‘Lennox Polo’ in ‘White/Wedgewood’ and top it off with the ‘Weave Belt’ in ‘Wedgewood/White’ to create the perfect look from the office to the course, to date night without skipping a beat. If you’re the type of guy who likes to take his looks to the next level without breaking the bank, Graham Luxe is a brand in which you can be confident. 

To shop the entire Graham Luxe line and put together an outfit that fits your style, visit their website here.

Shaft N Balls - Underwear for the Common Golfer

Shaft N Balls underwear has taken on a difficult and sweaty task… Keeping golfers everywhere comfortable from start to finish even on the hottest summer days. If you’ve ever been on the course during one of these muggy rounds and regretted your underwear choice for that day, they have the solution for you.

They ask the simple question; “What do your golf bag and our boxers have in common? They both protect your shaft while holding your balls.” Their ultra-tech pouch allows your boys to dangle with comfort and breathability and the 95% modal and 5% spandex combination makes this underwear the perfect choice for those steamy rounds. 

With a wide variety of design patterns, you’re sure to find a pair of Shaft N Balls that fit your lifestyle. Check out the ‘Fireworks’ or ‘Freedom’ designs to show off your patriotic side or the ‘Kegerator’ if you’re the type of guy who enjoys time at the 19th hole. 

Check out their website here to shop for their current designs and be on the lookout for more in the future! You won’t regret this breath of fresh air next time you’re in a heat wave. 

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