On The Course

Top 5 Ways to Get Up and Down from Around the Greens More Often

Having the ability to get up and down from around the greens is how the amateur golfer turns bogeys into pars. If this struggle is something you relate to, worry no more! These five tips will help you get up and down more often!

Golf is a beautiful game that often combines joy and heartbreak all in the same round. For most amateurs, the difference between a good and bad round comes down to their ability to get up and down from around the greens. If that issue is relatable to you, don't worry, there are ways to help improve your short game and reduce your scores from around the greens. Today, we'll discuss the top 5 ways to get up and down from around the greens more often.

1. Use Less Loft:

Using less loft on your wedges will help you to keep your ball low to the ground which is great for bump-and-run shots. Bump-and-run shots are less risky than high-flop shots because they make it easier to get the ball to stop closer to the hole, and they tend to be more accurate. The closer the ball is to the ground, the less chance of the wind knocking it off course and you're less likely to scoop or chunk it. 

2. Plan Your Shots:

It's important to have a plan before hitting your shot. This will help you to choose the right club and make an informed decision about the type of shot you are going to hit. Take a quick look at the lie and approach into the green to decide the type of shot that you need to hit. Then, find out where you want the ball to land. Once you have a clear plan in place, you can focus on hitting the shot with the right technique and placement with more confidence.

3. Practice:

Practice makes perfect. Ultimately, like any other aspect of golf, if you want to get better at getting up and down from around the greens, then you need to put in the time and effort. Set up a practice area and work on hitting different shots. Experiment with different clubs and find out which ones work best under different conditions. The more you practice, the more you will develop your short-game skills, and the easier it will become to get up and down.

4. Improve Your Putting:

Getting up and down often means that you are putting to save par. Improving your putting is one of the quickest ways to lower your score. Choose a target and practice putting it from different distances. Training yourself to focus on a small target like a coin or a tee while practicing will make the hole seem much larger on the course. With practice, you will learn to read greens, develop touch, and hone your alignment to make more putts.

5. Find the Right Mindset:

Getting up and down from around the greens requires concentration and focus in order for you to follow through with your plan. Make sure that you are focused on the task at hand. Take a deep breath and eliminate any negative thoughts from your mind. Remember that even professionals miss shots, so keeping things in perspective and staying positive even when the first shot doesn't go to plan is important. It only takes one great shot to get up and down!

Put it All Together:

Getting up and down from around the greens consistently is a challenge for golfers of all levels, but with the right approach, it's a skill that can be learned. Using less loft, planning your shots, practicing often, improving your putting, and getting the right mindset can improve your short game and reduce your score. Remember, golf is meant to be fun, so don't forget to enjoy the process of improving your game!