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What Short Par 4 Membership is Best for You?

At Short Par 4, we're proud to offer the industry's widest range of golf subscriptions. Let us help you determine which membership is best for you!

At Short Par 4, we pride ourselves on offering the widest-ranging subscription service in the golf industry. No matter your age, gender, fashion preferences, or skill level, we have golf apparel and accessories that you’re sure to love. 

If you’re new to Short Par 4 and all of our membership options, we’re here to break it down and help you discover the best membership for you! With each of our membership options, you’re guaranteed to receive more in value than the cost of your membership.

You will receive a package filled with top-quality golf equipment and apparel at your doorstep every month. We’re happy to be your style caddy and we’ll make sure you’re looking fresh out on the course every round!

Becoming a Member:

Becoming a member is easily done with these three simple steps:

  1. Select Membership - Our Style Caddies sure know what they're doing and we're confident we have the look for you. If you feel like one of our memberships fits your lifestyle, let's do this. It's as easy as that! No lines, no hassles, and no retail prices. All pro looks. Style Guaranteed.
  2. Take Style Quiz - Our style quiz will lead our Style Caddies to select your ideal items for your monthly boxes in only a few minutes. Our team is experienced in selecting the items that will fit your style and lifestyle.
  3. Style Delivered - We remove the middleman so you don't have to face the chaos of shopping and we do all the work for you. Not only are you getting some of the most high-quality gear for over half the price, but we're delivering it all to your home. 

The Fairway Membership (Men’s):

Our Fairway membership is our standard level for men and one of our best values. Each month you can expect a variety of golf apparel and accessories from top-name brands and upcoming companies in the industry. An example of a recent Fairway package included a polo from Under Armour or Puma Golf along with shorts from Callaway. We also include accessories like a Short Par 4 towel and a new glove. 

The Executive Membership (Men’s)

The Executive Membership is designed for the gentleman that seeks the best of the best out on the course. With the Executive Membership, you receive premium golf brands at a fraction of the price. This membership level includes industry leaders like RLX, Sunice, Greyson, Travis Mathew, and more. Along with premium apparel, you can also expect accessories like our ‘Gentleman’s Box’, gloves, hats, golf balls, and more. Executive members have access to exclusive deals and VIP Customer Service. Our Executive members feel and look like a million bucks.

The Magnolia Membership (Women’s)

We are proud to say that The Magnolia Membership from Short Par 4 is the first-ever golf subscription box for women. The Magnolia Membership includes apparel and accessories from top-name brands in women's golf. Recent items featured in the Magnolia membership include Puma Golf shoes, Under Armour polos and skorts, Levelwear pullovers, and Annika apparel by Cutter & Buck. We strive to provide lady golfers with everything they need to be stylish on the course!

The Junior Membership

We are excited to announce that in the coming months, we will be introducing our new Junior Membership for the future of golf! There was no better way for us to announce this than during the Notah Begay III Junior National Championship which we were honored to be title sponsors of. Our new Junior Membership will introduce kids to new golf brands and styles while providing them with all of the golf apparel they’ll need to be comfortable on the course. 

The Glove Club:

Finally, our last membership option is the Glove Club which is a monthly membership that provides golfers with 1-3 fresh new gloves every 1-3 months. Choose our traditional white glove or add some style to your game with our colored options. Every player knows the frustration of reaching into your bag to pull out that old crusty glove over and over again. It’s time to change this habit by having a fresh glove delivered to you each month. There’s nothing quite like that fresh glove feeling. 

Contact Us:

We hope this helps you decide which membership is best for you! If you have any questions about our membership options or the sign-up process, feel free to contact us on any of our social media channels or with our website’s live chat. We look forward to keeping you fresh on the course!